The Land

by Eulalie


A yound adult not alowed to leave her house by her parents disobye that order. When she finally does go outside she finds a woman in distress along with a mysterious man.

Tonight, was different I could feel it in my bones. An ice, cold breeze past by sending a chill down my spine. I got up quickly to head inside. Thinking that it was just winter coming early I didn't think much into it, later I would find out that one spine chilling moment would change my life forever.

As I closed the balcony doors I turned around to find my mother. I jumped a lit scared of her sudden appearance. "Hot tea?" She asked holding the steaming mug in front of her. I headed to my desk ignoring her. She knew I was still angry with her from the action of events earlier afternoon. She stood around for a few minutes and when she realized I wasn't going to talk to her she left. When I heard the door shut I jumped out of my chair and faceplanted on my bed. A yell came out of my mouth I couldn't control. Afterwards, I then turned over on my back and laid there staring at the ceiling. I recalled the events from earlier that afternoon.

It was around noon when I heard mother yell upstairs her and father was leaving for the afternoon. Once I heard the car engine die down the road I went straight to my balcony with my laptop and notebook. I knew this would be my only time to be alone with both of my parents gone. I decided to work on my book while writing down any thoughts that came to mind. A few hours past by when my stomach started to growl. I decided to take a break to get something in my stomach. I headed down to the kitchen and made me a PB&J with a glass of milk. I headed back upstairs to my balcony when I felt a cool breeze. I saw my notebook and pencil just slide off the edge of the balcony. I rushed over to the edge and tried to catch my notebook, but it was too late. It landed right under my balcony extremely close to the forest. I ran downstairs straight to the back door. When I got to the door I just stood there staring at it. I knew I could get in so much trouble for this, but that notebook was my story. I slowly reached for the door handle and pushed the door open. I stood in the sunlight squinting to find my notebook. I put my hands over my eyes to cover them from the light. I managed to locate the notebook and walked towards it. I got to the edge of the forest and grabbed my notebook. As I turned around to head to the house I heard rustling coming from the forest. I turned around and tried to see what was making that sound, but it was too dark in the forest. I scanned the forest line one last time when I caught a glimpse of someone. I strained to see with the sunlight in my eyes with the forest being pitch black. My eyes started to adjust when I saw her. It was a woman no older than 18-my age-chained to a tree. There were three chains wrapped around her torso that seemed to be connected to something else. I couldn't see her hands although I could see her bare feet. She wore a dirty, torn dress that may have been yellow. There was a flower pattern and crimped at the bottom. Her right bosom was almost hanging out her dress with three distinctive claw marks on it. She was caked in dirt and mud, her feet showed cuts and bled as if she had been running through the forest. Her face was red and puffy from crying and her voice sounded hoarse as if she had been yelling for some time. Her eyes looked as if she had witness something terrible. I headed towards her but before I could cross the forest line I heard someone else walking towards her. It was a young man dressed as if it was still the fifties. He wore a nice brown suit with shiny black shoes. His hair was combed back. He headed towards the women and whispered something in her ear. She couldn't stop staring at me which caused the man to look in her direction. He looked at me then her then me again. He stood there as if there was a conflict in his mind. He then began to talk to me.

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