Early Morning Row

by He Laughs


One of many short stories of some alternate universe ways for how these two people met. Yes, they're based on real people.

Names are changed for privacy

A young man's toned muscles contracted and relaxed within his shoulders, arms, and core, as he rhythmically rowed his dinghy across a small lake. He peered to his right. The sun was beginning to rise, pushing layers and shades of yellows, oranges, red, and, at the very top, some purple and black. The man's piercing, but oddly calming, forest green eyes observed the horizon as his motions slowed. His rowing didn't come to a full stop until his eyes landed gently on a figure moving on a patch of sandy bank. Placing his oars back into their rungs, he was close enough to observe the feminine figure. his curiosity gradually growing as the woman bent down, seemingly to pick up something.

Then, he whipped his gaze elsewhere. Blood quickly flooded his cheeks and the tops of his ear. No, the woman was indeed not picking something up, but rather taking everything off. And against all of the protests from the angel on his right shoulder, the devil on his left pushed his chin back towards the sunrise. His eyes began at her feet, slowly raising. He gulped and chastising himself for lingering at... certain places. Her creamy, toffee skin tone glowed from the sunrise. However, the same rays backlit her face. Framed by black, silky hair, the young man squinted to try to make it out. Out of curiosity, of course.

Truly, he hadn't expected to run into anyone else this early on a Saturday morning. Most people he knew at his 20 years of age would be hungover or sleeping off the sleepless, stressful week. The man sighed, adjusting his baseball cap over his medium auburn brown. He glanced around the 180° on his left. Water, water, and more water that way.

His focus inevitably fell back on the woman...

"Do you like what you see?" her shout shot over the water as his eyes found her, her body now cloaked by the water. He jumped, causing his rowboat to shake.

"I'm so sorry," he replied, "I was initially looking at the sunrise andーand I happened to see you... um... undressing. I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to stare, I-I just couldn't... look away..." the rest of his apologetic ramble dissipating into the light breeze. His eyes flickered along the sky and sunrise and water, anywhere but the naked woman in the water, now, 15 yards from him.

"You didn't answer my question," the young man could hear the smile in her tone.

"Uh... yes..."

"Yes, what?" Now, she was messing with him.

"Yes... I like the... view..." It was official. He was permanently red. The man silently thanked the universe for it being dark enough to hide this new skin color.

"Would you like to join me?" The question forced the man to have to steady his rowboat once more.

"Areーare you sure?" he asked, his voice as shaky as his dinghy.

"Yes, as long as you get naked with me."

The young man gulped. The angel on his shoulder warned against loss of dignity, manners, stranger danger, and... blah, blah, blah, the devil guffawed, leaning against his ear, are you really going to turn down skinny dipping with a hot, sexy woman? She was the one to offer. Tone your manners down for a bit and get fucking naked already. Oddly, enough, the man realized that the devil sounded a lot like his best friend, Ian.

"Yeah, yes, sure, deal," the man agreed to with a newfound supply of confidence, "L-let me just bring this to shore."

"Okay," this time, the man could see the woman's smile, the corners of her mouth turned up, a hint of mischief in her dark eyes. He tried his best to suppress his eagerness as he did as he said. Once his boat was in shallow enough water, he sprung out and took no time to pull it more on shore. Before he could get into his own head, he grabbed the bottom of his slightly oversized t-shirt, slipping it off with ease. Next came off his khaki cargo shorts in junction with Spongebob boxer-briefs.

"Not bad," the woman's sly words knocked his insecurities back into his head. A nice shade of red plagued his face.

The young man resisted the urge to cover himself, walking into the water. Inching closer ever so cautious, he wished the water was a few degrees warmer. He trudged on, clenching his jaw and throwing obscenities through his mind as the water reached his waistline and further. Again, his eyes stuck towards the sky.

He cleared his throat after a brief moment of silence. "I'm Levi, by the way."

The woman's laughter filled his ears like church bells. "Well, Levi, you might as well take your fill, since you so gallantly introduced yourself," she said, her words sewn with voluptuousness and patched with light-heartedness.

Levi resisted the urge to break his neck to look at her. Have an ounce of maturity for fuck's sake, he chastised himself. As nonchalant as he could pull off, Levi moved his eyes to meet her, and nowhere else. He searched for any warning signs, any micro expressions to oppose her verbal permission. Levi slowly moved his eyes down, admiring every millimeter the reclining darkness and water level would allow.

She was gorgeous. There was no other way to put it. With apple cheek, sharp chin, full lips, and lustful eyes staring back at him, Levi could feel his cock starting to twitch alive again in the arctic circle of a lake. He bit lower lip.

As his eyes began to elevate, Levi watched as the woman's breasts rose above the water to expose her hardened nipples, having the same effect on Levi as Moby Dick emerging from the ocean was on the narrator.

His eyes shot back to her face and searched frantically for signs of disapproval as he stepped closer. To his luck and pleasure, Levi saw none. So, he kissed her before his brain could second guess it. Cupping the sides of her face with his large hands, Levi could feel the woman smile into the passionate kiss. When she bit his bottom lip playfully, Levi instinctively moved his body closer. Nothing could stop the moan that seeped past his lip as his throbbing erection brushed against her abdomen. The mysterious, sexy woman took that opportunity to slip her tongue into Levi's mouth.

And just as doubts and second-thoughts and insecurities began to edge their way in and plague Levi's sweet mind, the goddess of a woman reached around and grabbed his ass, dragging him (and his cock) closer. Confidence (or lust, whatever) flooded the man's bloodstream. His hips thrusting his shaft to rub on her skin; his mouth traveling to attack her neck with sloppy, open-mouthed kisses and gentle bites; his left hand roaming down her torso.

"Levi..." the goddess moaned hotly against his ear. The young man groaned against her neck as even more blood vacated his brain. Levi then skipped a few inches with his roaming hand and allowed his middle finger to run across the folds of her woman hold slowly. Heat and bodily liquids greeted him readily. His middle finger slid into her sex with ease and the young man found a steady, medium pace.

"Oh, fuck, Levi," the woman shouted loudly, causing Levi to stop his demonstrations on her neck and look back at her. Her eyelids shut tight; Her chin was tilted to the sky, exposing her supple neck even more; Her bottom lip was tucked in her mouth slightly, evidence of her biting it. Levi had never seen anyone or anything sexier. Nor had he heard moans so erotic. He watched earnest, continuing to pump his finger, as the woman's face contorted in ecstasy, warm fluids flushed from her pussy, surrounding his hand.

Slowly, her head angled back down and her eyelids opened to reveal deep red wine irises, lust swirling madly.

"Fuck me," she half commanded, half begged.

"Y-yes, ma'am," Levi quickly fumbled to line up himself at her entrance as her legs wrapped around his waist. Levi took no time to thrust roughly into the gorgeous goddess.

"Don'tー" the woman began, her voice catching in her throat. Her right hand cupped the upper back of Levi's neck and her left hand's nails dug into the top of his shoulder. Levi halted his hips, his member fitting snug to the hilt inside her.

Fear corrupted every muscle in his body. Don't what? His mind begged the question a million times a second.

"... call me ma'am," she finished her sentence, her voice husky. Then, after briefly nibbling of Levi's earlobe, she sexily whispered, "Now, fuck me, Levi."

And, man, he did not need to be told a third time.

He grabbed her ass and squeezed as he set a quick, rhythmic pace. He could feel her walls tightening around his cock while she pulled his hair hard. The water around them formed waves from their motions.

The woman threw her head back and Levi used it to nibble and suck on her skin, making his mark(s). Little sparks of pain erupted from under her nails on his neck and scalp, somehow increasing his ecstasy.

Soon, Levi's pumping became desperate. Both parties' moans crescendoed. His inner, prominent gentleman argued for him to pull out as his orgasm was getting closer and closer.

"Cum inside me," the goddess spoke through her moans turned to panting.

The young man could only nod, ignoring his inner gentleman as he pumped. A few more times and all the pent-up energy spilled into the woman's already convulsing, orgasming sex.

Heaving, Levi stared into those red wine irises in absolute awe.

"I need to know your name," he blurted after regaining enough breath. This earned a hearty laugh from the woman he was still inside of. He mentally kicked himself for not asking sooner. God, I'm such a douche.

"Divina, or Diva for short," the incredible woman replied gently, not even trying to subdue the amused grin on her face.

"You have a beautiful name and laugh, Divina."

"Thank you," Levi saw a hint of a blush emerge on her cheek, but decided not to point it out. Instead, he relished the feeling of her fingers playing with the small hairs on the back of his neck.

"And Divina..."


"Can we do that again?"

Divina laughed again before pecking Levi's lips and removing herself from the embrace.

"Tent," was all she said and Levi cursed himself for not noticing the orange and gray configuration sooner.

Nonetheless, he didn't take his time to follow her...

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