The Unknown

by Eulalie


A short story that I can keep adding on to. Please leave review and any suggestions! Would really love the feedback.

My heart began to race and beat fiercely. It felt as if it could tear through my chest and run away from me, but that's how I felt in this moment. Seeing what just happened right in-front of me terrified me into a numbness, frozen in place. Witnessing that horrendous scene sent chills down my spine. I wanted to run away from what happened and him. I wanted to put as much distance in between us as I could. He revealed who he really is, and I know what he really is now. As much as it terrified me there was a part that still wanted to be with him.

Gathering my strength back I turned around and ran in the opposite direction trying to get rid of him, running as fast as I could. Not too long after my new white shoes and light blue dress became covered in mud and soaked by the puddles I ran through. After about ten minutes I began to feel the decrease of energy. My legs became heavy with each step and each breath became more difficult. I knew I needed to take a rest.

I came to a halt bending over putting my hands on my knees. I stared at the ground taking long, slow breaths. While resting I kept replaying what I just witnessed in my head. I then felt my knees wobble and buckle from underneath me. I landed on my knees on the cold, wet, soft ground. I put my hands to my head wiping off the sweat. My arms fell to my sides while I let out a whimper with streams of tears following. As I wiped the tears from my cheeks I heard a crunching sound directly behind me. I immediately stood up and turned around. My heart began to race again, and I started to breath heavily. I started to slowly back up trying to be as quiet as possible. Turning around ready to bolt, I came face to face with him.

We were inches away. His face covered with blood gleamed in the full moon's light. His eyes were hazy, but they sparkled with pleasure. He stared at me for a few moments before smiling revealing his long, sharp fangs. In that moment I wasn't sure if I was his prey or his girlfriend.

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