The Passage of Death – the Process

by Anonymous


How does one end up in the afterlife?

This poem will take you through the thoughts of those who cross this ultimate path...

    The exhaustion: The Rest You Desire


I'm so tired.

Tired of weeping silently into the night

Tired of holing myself up without seeing the light

Tired of hearing the words that cut through me like a knife

Tired of running from everything I cannot face in this cruel life

Tired of living.



    The departure: Everything Wrong with Us


Let me die

As I breathe my last sigh

I give it all up; my final goodbye

To escape the expectations and the judgment; the remains of society's reign

To hide from my fears, the hate and the pain

To melt into the shadows of obscurity where all the restless souls wander

To be free from the chains of guilt and regret latching onto my conscience forever



    The understanding: The Choice We Make


I run to escape what I cannot fight

I should do what is right

I shouldn't be afraid of what I can change

But I am; my courage I cannot feign

My solution to let the weight build up on my shoulders

As the pressure breaks me, I wait for it to be over

But I've given up

It's too much I've had enough

I thought I had something left; I held onto a string

But in the end, there was nothing

A void of love

A crow hidden as a dove

An overbearing emptiness driving me insane

Until I understood there was no reason for me to remain



    The temptation: The Mermaid of Death


Death sounds like home

It will wrap me in its veil

For I ride the waves alone,

Like a puny sail

Death is a gentle melody

It weaves a sweet lie

Through the sea I hear its song

An enchanting mermaid's cry

Death has no mercy

It takes and takes with no regret

And as I draw near, too near

I am pulled into these arms of eternal rest



    The fake peace: Death's Lullaby


Send me to sleep

With your soothing lullaby

Make the anger dissipate

Make me forget why

Sing, sing on

May your voice be my muse

For as I lay unmoving

I have nothing left to lose

Play the violin

Like you play my heart

Let it make me numb

As you tear me apart

But I cannot help but wonder

When will the orchestra end?

Would it keep on going forever;

Or will I be lonely once again?

Play your music so I may forget

Forget that I am living in a dream

A dream or a nightmare?

Things are never as they seem



    The pain: Too Late for Regrets


In a new world

We are often scared

In the afterlife,

Will my worries be shared?

What if I made a mistake?

A crime against my own laws?

Did I sacrifice it all -

For a worthy cause?

I have eternity to ponder

As time seems to be frozen

Is my being here

A decision obliged or chosen?

Had I stayed

I would have been played

Abused and mocked


Am I better off

Forever alone

Where no one can hurt

My broken soul?



    The realization: The End Has Come


It is too late

For those you cannot save

I've chosen this road

One must reap what they sowed

I did this to myself

I created my own hell



    The arrival: Hell


They say we are in "hell"

What is hell?

A dreamlike haven or

An eternal cell?

Will we be burnt

In a world of fire?

Or will we succumb

To our tempting desire?

Could we stop the hurt;

Or will there only be more?

Is it heaven or hell?

Do we crawl, or do we soar?

My eyes are blind

But I still see

The light that shines

The light of purity

Through the dark

The light is our guide

We must remain with it

By our side

So, we can walk blind

Without losing sight

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