The Personal and Private Journal of Emily Conclusion

by Roxanne Dubarry


Unto this date the death of Owen Niels remains an unsolved murder mystery. His widow, Judy Baker-Niels moves into the Shady Rest Motel with his daughter, Emily. Emily enters the Ladies Home Journal's writing contest....and wins!

Dear old daddy should have known better than to tie in with that Las Vegas Crowd! The local homicide department did not even try to solve it. Let's face just the facts, they were only too happy to see him go. It was considered a cold case one of those unsolvable murder mystery's. Nobody was willing to come forward to testify. A few of the detectives were on the take. They were accepting under the table bribes from both the loan sharks and the bookies. Where was Mrs Jessica Flecter aka JB Flector of the Murder She Wrote television series when she was really needed?

Judy Baker-Owens, his grieving widow, sold their house. It only helped to play a small portion of his debts of honor. She was pretty smart. She got them to agree to not harass either one of us. After all they did not want the truth about his murder to leak to the press.

While she was busy selling the house, she had nowhere else to turn to accept yours truly. She moved in with me at the Shady Rest Motel. It was a good thing I rented a two room all equipped place. She was responsible for paying one-half our motel bill, and doing her own laundry. She also paid for it. She donated all of her belongings to Salvation Army for their disaster relief fund.

My deceased father had no personal belongings but the cloths on his back. It was all he could afford with his nefarious life style.

Judy made the ideal roommate. Renting a two-bedroom motel room was much cheaper than renting a one or two bedroom apartment. We neither had any utility, nor phone bill. All local calls were free of charge. All of our mail was sent to the office where we picked it up. Why pay extra money for an expensive post office box?

Ladies Home Journal was sponsoring a contest for new and unpublished female writers under the age of thirty. Judy told me confidently she was just a little bite over thirty. Truthfully, she did while crossing two of her fingers behind her back. She felt I just had a natural talent for writing. Probably because I have kept personal journals ever since I learned how to print in large letters. Surprise! Surprise! I actually won Ladies Home Journal's writing contest!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

September 21, 2018

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