The Personal and Private Journal of Emily Part Two

by Roxanne Dubarry


Emily's dear old daddy Owen Niels finally got what he richly deserved. Emily got a job at Cascade Bank. The police considered it a cold case.

What I needed most was a stop gap job while I searched for another one. The problem was I was not really qualified to do anything. I swallowed my pride and got a job as a telephone solicitor. I was assigned to work nights and weekends. Those were the least popular days and time. As the new kid in town I had no choice. I applied for a job opening at our local bank, but there were no more openings. But I did get a job at a check cashing place Money Tree. It was as easy as falling off a log! It would give me the necessary experience to become a bank teller. I now had to juggle two part time jobs. I discovered there was an eight week bank teller training course all expenses paid to qualified individuals. I put in my application as was accepted.

The next available classes were available in September. I resigned my previous two jobs once I started the program. They understood. There were plenty of people waiting to replace me. I was very careful and did not apply for a job at my father's bank, American First National Bank of Washington State. I selected a smaller bank, Cascade. I received valuable on the job training. There was not the same amount of tellers at my father's bank. Maggie was the middle aged married woman assigned to training new employees.

Since my mother and I were customers of their bank. I was well acquainted with most of my new fellow employees. Paying good attention to previous tellers in training really paid off. My father had hired a detective agency Pauline Drake to find me. But of course he did not notify me of it! One day Judy Baker-Niels paid me a visit. She wasn't out to cause me any trouble. She notified dear old daddy, I had finally landed on my feet!

Daddy owed money to bookies and loan sharks. Since he couldn't pay off, they threatened to break both of his legs and put him into a cement overcoat. He begged for his life! His estranged daughter had gotten a job as a Bank teller at Cascade Bank. Even vainly promising them all of my income, without my consent, was not good enough. My dear old daddy was a cry baby. Judy Baker-Niels was a beautician at our local Evergreen Beauty College. She was one of the instructors. He promised them all of her income also! The loan sharks broke both of his legs an put him into a cement overcoat. The local police department did not discover his body for a couple of weeks.

Love as always, Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

September 20, 2018

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