The Times We Live In

by Adventure Wynn

If you were born October 7, 2001 you were born on the day the wars began. This coming Oct is your 17th birthday. You have one year until you can become the first american born during the war you died in?

This has been bothering me more and more. How can the country allow this birthday to pass and not acknowledge this? Is this not the zeitgeist of our times?

I found a magazine laying on the road i was walking on yesterday. I picked it up, opened it, and this passage was underlined:

"Long before Rome, the Etruscans measured time by something called a saeculum. A saeculum spanned from any given moment until the last people who lived thru that moment had died. It was the extent of first hand memory for human events. The way it felt to be there."

I was walking thru a crowded room today and i couldn't help notice everyone talking. What i noticed was no one had a cellphone staring at it. The reason why was because the average age in the room was 75. A room full of saeculum.

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