Rex the Singer

by Sharmila Roy Ghosal


Story of a wolf cub and how he solves a tricky problem with the help of his two friends.

Rex was a wolf cub. He had two friends, Woody the woodpecker and Charlie the monkey. The three friends played together happily. Rex would give Woody a ride on his back very often.

Charlie would swing from branch to branch and Rex would run beneath the trees. Sometimes Charlie would break a fruit from a tree and aim it at Rex's head, which the latter would dodge skillfully.

Rex could sing very well too and very often sang, much to the delight of his two friends.

Days went by and one day the wolf chief Santa came to know about Rex's singing. "I am organizing a party tonight in my den", he said to his subordinate Tony wolf. 'I hear young Rex sings very well, ask him to sing for my guests." The chief's words sounded like a command.

It was a great honor for Rex but there was one problem. Rex could not put his tail down. To go in front of the wolf chief with his tail in the air would mean punishment or even death for Rex. What was to be done? "I cannot disrespect the boss's order and not attend the party. He will punish me for it".Rex shook his head sadly.

Charlie and Woody racked their brains thinking of a way to save the situation. There were only two days left for the big occasion. Suddenly Woody had a plan. "Why don't we glue the tail to the body?" he asked excitedly.

The friends agreed it was a good idea. So Woody woodpecker made holes in the keekar tree and collected the gum that flowed from the stem into an empty coconut shell.

Charlie used the gum to paste the tail to the body, so that it remained below the belly.

Rex wore the new coat that he had bought for the occasion and went to the party. The wolf chief was delighted to hear Rex singing and everyone applauded his efforts. The chief gave Rex a box full of chocolates and a cake as reward for his crooning, which Rex shared with his friends and all were happy in the forest.

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