The Man Who Fought His Own War

by Sonia Cheug

David was a strange man . Quiet , diluted and distracted in some kind of an aquad way .

There was an uncomfortable silence about him . The kind which made you feel C like you were constantly sitting on the edge of your chair . His mind always seemed to be living in another place , somewhere completely different to the prsent . Somewhere where he would much rather be .

There was just something about him , I could never quite put my finger on but it didnt feel right or normal .He was an angry man . Confused and bitter about someone from his own past but he always seemed to dilute her , by creating other kinds of distractions . I guess he was living in his own prison in some way .

When he spoke , it never sound right . The words didn't flow the way they should have and they didn't move inside of him at all . I really , really wish I knew what it was . That made him turn out to be the way he is but I will never ever know . There is only one conclusion I can draw from him . He was just a man . The man who fought his own war .

The End .

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