Midnight Mindtunnel

by CircadianTurnip


Inspired by a drive through the rain at midnight on 8-14-2018. I wrote this in the driveway when I arrived at home.

At 11:53 I got up and walked to the kitchen, I hadn't realized the time until I looked at the microwave. I was too tired care about how late I'd stayed at her house. I packed my things, kissed her forehead, and started my car. I pulled out a little quickly, but caught myself. I rearranged my vehicle and missed the car and garbage can. I began to drive over the hills and across the passes. The ground shimmered with the thin rain that poured over heavy and smooth, almost nonexistent. I watched my car traverse and slip across the bright and mirrored surface and finally the music cut for a solid minute. Within that minute my mind rested and I drove over the ground as it shimmered in strokes of bright lights and bleeding color through the ground. The moment passed and the radio played "the trial" by Pink Floyd. It shook me awake as I felt my car sink into the earth like it was mud. I felt lighter as my eye-line met the earth and my stomach flipped on end. Within a second my car was sliding to a stop on this new surface and I was held upside down by my seat-belt pressing on my shoulder. I clicked the button and fell with a jolt. I went for he door, but it was locked. I pressed the window button, but the window had already disappeared. I climbed out and stood upright on this blurry, long world, where I alone was solid. I stared down at my reflection to see myself with muted colored and darkened eyes. I stared up and saw three green strands of perfect light form towers above me. The glory of these beams forced my eyes to glow and brighten with intense warmth, my knees felt heavy and anxious. Before I consider them as concepts, two orange beams, slightly shorter, equally powerful rose from the ground. They lifted my chest and my feet lifted my weightless body off the pavement. The shine went to my stomach and from within a strong yet subtle whisper grew into a scream within my throat.

"Move you motherfucker"

My legs sprinted...or slid. The night gets blurry from there. I touched the green towers and woke up at home. I still haven't found my car.

"Anything else?"

"I can only taste sweet."


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