Love Yourself

by J.L. Tancre


Nick O' Ryan learns why he cant loves othe`rs around him

         The night was quiet as Nick O' Ryan walk through Bright Creek forest. He looked up at the sky. The moon was full and almost at its highest. he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. He looked down at a puddle in front of him and saw his reflextion. He eyes turned a vibrant gold. Its almost time. He felt the presence of another of his kind behind him. He turned around to see his Father in wolf form. Nick got down on knees and hands and waited for the tranformation to comense. He suddenly felt pain as his bones moved in his body and he felt hair growing all over his body. The pain progressed as the moon grew brighter. He felt the power of the moon energizing him. he screamed in pain as the bones in his body reformed. Finally the transformation was done. He looked at the puddle again and what he saw this time scared him. The beast he had become scared him. He felt the urge to cry to the moon. to beg for this to be over, so he did, he howled to the moon to beg to be turned back. He got up and ran, leaving his father behind him.

           "Six hours every month. for the rest of my life. Why did I have to become this beast?" Ryan asked himself as he came to a stop at Bright Creek River. He heard a wimper behind was faint but he could hear it. he put his nose in the air. Wolf cubs. No Werewolf cubs. He could smell their fear. This must be their first turn. He fallowed their scent until he reached the Humane scociaty. OH CRAP! They were captured by humans. This could risk their entire chance of survival. Nick sniffed out a way in but it would be tricky. HE would have to sneak in the front but he would have to sneak past security. He heard someone call his name behind him. he sniffed the air. Human. Ughhh, Toni. Toni was Nick's best friend who accidentally found out about him. She was walking in the woods when she watched Nick transform. It was a bad month for all of them. He turns around and says, "Toni! I told you you cant fallow me everytime i change! Look Im actually glad your here because i need help breking in there. two werewolf cubs were trapped inside there and i have to get them out. so i need you to distract tne security gaurd over there. she nods and walks over to the security gaurd who of course she knew.

       "Mr. Black! hurry there is an emergency there is a injured wolf be Bright Creek River! I need your help please!" Toni lied. She was always good at lieing. When Mr. Black left Nick hurried over to the door. There was a dog door for the owners dog buddy so nick slipped through there. once in he fallowed the scent of the cubs. He turned down the canine section and got lost in the scent of diferent dogs. At this point he had to use his hearing and sight to find the cubs. He turned a corner and the whining got louder. He jumped up and put his front paws on a wall to see one of the high cages. The cubs!

        "Kids are you OK? I know you must be scared but everything will be ok." Nick tells the two cubs. One of the cubs looks at Nick and says, "Are you like us? WHat are We?" Nick looks at the cubs and realizes how lucky he is to have this icreadible gift. He smiles, opens their cage with his snout and says, Your a werewolf."

                                                                                                                ONE YEAR LATER

          "Uncle Nick its time! We got to go!" Teo O' Ryan calls to Nick O' Ryan. One year ogo Senior Nick O' Ryan saved Teo and Lilo from The humane socioty. Since then Nick got a place of his own out in the woods with Teo and Lilo with his girlfriend Toni. Nick Kissed Toni softly and went outside where Teo and his twin sister Lilo waited for him. Nick slowly unbuttoned his shirt like he did one year ago. He slid the shirt off his shoulders and threw it on the ground. Teo did the same but lilo left her tanktop on. He looked over at the twins and their eyes were a gold as was his. One year ago Nick's transformation would've hurt but ever since he accepted who was the tranformations became painless. same with the kids. He felt his body transform into a wolf. He shook his furr and started to run with the pups behind him. They both tackled him and they started to play. After a while of running and playing lilo and teo ran off on their own.

            Nick started down at his reflextion in a puddle and it all came clear to him. Over the past year he had learned to love who he was and that opened so many doors for him. The oppertunity to love others in his life. The twins, Toni, they wouldnt be apart of him if he hadnt learned to love himself before he loved others. The whole reason he was so unhappy with his life was because he hadnt learned to love who he was. He looked up at the moon and found himself begging to always love himself, because he loved others and without loving himself he cant love others. so he howled. he howled for his loved ones and he howled for himself. LOve yourself before you love others.

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