A Night With Him.

by Pandorah Raeann


The night I slept with Andrew.

The night went by slower than ever before, it was pleasant, though. I liked most of everything we did, hours of soft touches and four play while a movie played in the background.

I didn't think it could get better, figured I'd leave soon, wanting.

The night was almost done and he was on top of me.

He removed the rest my clothing kissed me down my body until he was at my pussy where he spent time examining it with his tongue.

With one hand I touched my breast rolling my nipple between fingers and felt him moan my hips bucking slightly while I pushed his face down holding his hair.

After some time I moved be to be on top I slid himself inside of me slowly offering him pleasure I'm In control of his body his arms above his head as he reciprocated my movements. So wet and soft.

Feeling like I was about to cum I slid off of him taking his cock in my mouth I feel him tense under my hand my mouth and tongue strode the length of this manhood his hands in my hair my fingers between my legs keeping me wet for him to enter again.

we were together after years of weird tension everyone figured we'd end up together even if it turns out to be one night.

We moved around the room we fucked in many positions my favorite was the floor. It was cool and hard and he fucked harder the more me moved to other locations.

The beginning signs of exhausted crept in movie over just music played he was on top of me again holding my wrists I got free playfully and I placed his hands on my throat so he could be in control

He squeezed a little small gasp escaped my lips, griping harder my hands tingling loosing feeling I taped his hands for a slow release, smiling,blushing.

He massaged my neck tentatively.

Now sitting up legs atop his, him moving his hands to my back to get me closer while he road me moving faster making his way to another position

whispering in my ear if I'm okay while his weight begins to hold me to the bed faster and faster until the last bit of ecstasy escaped us binding us together

  we lost ourselves to passion and the sun rose slowly overhead and we lay together in bliss naked to the mornings light..

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