by Sonia Cheug

All flowers bloom with in the sands of time .

Every species contemplates the direction of their eartly wind and preys upon their spiritual sun , for forgiveness and guidance .

Flowers tumble and fall , with in the pollinated air and wish upon the shooting starts for inspiration and hope .

They wait outside , with in this disfunctional urban jungle and judge the weeds and other ugly plants .

Every gender , colour , race and stereotype .

Contemplates their own routes of origin and ponders upon the destination of their own seeds .

Flowers stand the test of time and live in hope for a better future .

They wait inside their own beatiful silence and live for respiration and purified water .

Every kind preys upon the magical moon , for equality and freedom .

All the roses , lillipads , dandelions and other flowers .

Dream about the united bees and hope they will bring news of a sacred flower . So they can finally live in peace .

Flowers live for redemption and hope come spring time ,

they will learn the errors of their own weeds .

Flowers represent a change , symbolism and love .

Flowers are us , with in this world .

The End

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