Before the Invasion From the Backwards Planet

by Bryce Poland


A science fiction story about a young alien who is the only good one of his planet and attemps to save the earthlings from the invasion that his own race is planning on doing.

Note: When you read the story, you will see the name of the planet called Tenalp. Tenalp is Planet spelled backwards.

Although I contain the same matter and energy as the rest of my "race", I will tell you that I am what you Milky Way Units call "good". As you are reading this, I am you to forgive me for having you planet as well as your entire universe conquered. Some one you Milky Way Units will survive, but I loathe to and acknowledge and speak of the fact that some of you Milky Way Units will be destroyed.

I tried to stop my "race", but they wouldn't listen. I guess thats one of the reasons why my giver along with the other Tenalpians around me called me a "mistake". For those of you who don't know what a giver is, it's basically what you Milky Way Units call a "father". The way a Tenalpian is born is by being generated inside a life generator inside the "home" of a elder Tenalpian. The infant Tenalpian born inside the "home" of the elder Tenalpian is then taken care by that elder Tenalpian itself. Thereby, making the elder Tenalpian a giver.

Back to what I was saying, as I am "writing" this, the planet Tenalp is dying. That's my "race" has no choice but to take over your planet. Us Tenalpians survive on oxygen as well, which is unfortunate. I tried to stop my "race" from conquering what you Milky Way Units call Earth. I attempted to stop them by disinigrating the "spaceships". I was only able to disintegrate a few. I was also caught. Now I am waiting for what you Milky Way Units call "execution".

On the planet Tenalp, any unit who uses emotions instead logic is "executed". We are only supposed to think logically, for emotions can cost us our lives. That's a different story. But for now, I will advise to be prepared. Luckily, for an unknown reason, I was never executed for feeling and showing emotions. I was always ridiculed for showing emotions. I was able to survive when the head of Tenalp allowed to me live a life. I guess the only reason why they let me live was because they wanted to if emotions were as big of a problem as Tenalpians thought they were.

I lived an "average" life, that was until I was caught disinigrating a few "spaceships". Now I am waiting in my cell, waiting for my fate. But believe me, ever since I've found out about you "earthlings" and your fate, I've always felt bad for you. Hopefully, I'm not the Tenlapians who has a "heart". And maybe, just maybe, there will another Tenalpian who is stronger than I am and is more likely to save your planet. That particular Tenalpian might also bring peace between the Milky Way Units and The Tenalpians. That is what I'm hoping for. But only the future holds the answers.

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