The Horror of Nowhere's End

by Bryce Poland


A weird fiction/horror story about a middle aged woman who lives out in the countryside. One day she decides to walk to town but instead encounters incomprehensible horrors.

There are things in this world that one can imagine. There are things in this world that are realistic yet unbelievable. For one being, it is a lady, as what I would call her. A lady by what most referred to as Mrs. Cloone. She is 56 years old. She lives out in the middle of nowhere. The state that she has lived in most of her life in the United States is the state of Massachusetts. She lived in an old wooden house when there weren't many trees or sign of life. She had lived in that house since she was 44. She and beloved husband, Mr. Cloone moved there when they were around that age. People that knew them were surprised that they would retire at an early age. But they were mainly of living out under the roof of civilization. When Mrs. Cloone was 54, her beloved husband had died in a car accident. He had been driving out in the local town, and was also drinking at the same time. It was a tragedy for the woman, but she felt more lonesome than heartbroken after her husband died. Oh, how she lived in that house in that house all those years. Feeling lonely, wanting to talk with someone. One winter evening, I'd say about February, she bundled up in a warm blanket and sat out on her front porch. While she was sitting in her rocking chair, her mind started to wonder. She wondered what it would be like to walk to the nearest town and find someone to talk to. She couldn't quite remember how far the nearest town was, so she estimated that it would be almost 45 minutes by foot. This war as far as she could remember. Despite being dressed in her night gown, she decided to get up and walk to the nearest town. To her, it sounded ludicrous at first, but then she thought that most of the people in that small town wouldn't really mind or bother to question the fact that she was only dressed in her night gown. Along with the fact that she came all that way to find someone to talk to. So she walked down the road. The small situation was that the road was hard to see. But she tried her best to stay on the path that she had almost forgotten. 15 had passed by, to her, when the wind started to blew against her, sending a slight chill down her spine. She also noticed that the evening setting around her wasn't dark like most evenings. On dark evenings, she would often be too scared to walk out in blackness of the devil's night. She also received the feeling that she wasn't getting very close to the town, and that the town didn't exist anymore. Soon enough, she heard a slight low voice in the wind say something even more chilling. When she made out what wind the wind said was "The Rugged Dancers are here!" She was confused and frightened at first, but then she looked around and saw what appeared to the women dressed in rugs. They all smiled at her, but they pleasant smile. She knew immediately that there were, in fact, devilish smiles. All the women that the wind referred to as the Rugged Dancers had sharp pointed teeth in their smiles. They all danced around her, in a demon-like form of ballet. Ms. Cloone was terrified, indeed without question. Then she saw what appeared to be men all around her dressed formally. They held out their arms, as if they were asking the "ladies" to dance. The ladies, to them, were the Rugged Dancers. Ms. Cloone then felt her insides churn, as she saw tentacles appear out of nowhere attached to formally dress men's backs. The word then appeared in her mind, "Tentacled Men". This was more than a nightmare to her. The Rugged Dancers and the Tentacled Men all danced around her, with the wind pushing against her spine. She then felt something even more cold above her. She looked up and saw what appeared to be a red hurricanes in the sky, but without the water. Only a spiral, blood red, hurricane above her rather than below her. Then she saw what looked like a young boy dressed formally come to her, standing out in the middle of crowd. The crowd of Rugged Dancers and Tentacled Men. He then spoke in shivering voice. His voice did not sound like a young boy's voice, only like a low-pitched demonic voice. He said to her "This will all end if you do as we say." Mrs. Cloone was once again, confused and terrified. The figure spoke again, "Ever since your husband died, we've kept his soul with us in the Dungeon of Dark Blood. We will have these entities removed from your presence if you let us feed him to the Cat King." Mrs. Cloone, despite being frighten, asked with an amount of stutters, "The Cat King?". She then found her herself in blackness. She soon felt heavy breathing. She looked up and saw a giant black cat with a hunched back and teeth that she saw were sharper than the "normal" cats in her world. She then heard the voice of the boy-like entity speak again "You must let us feed him to our king!" Ms. Cloone knew they were referring to her deceased husband. She then heard the voices of all the entities shout "OUR KING REQUIRES IT!". It was an ear piercing shout. It was so loud that she felt her ears starting to bleed. Ms. Cloone then knew that they were going to feed her husband's soul to the Cat King. She believed in the afterlife, and she wanted her husband to go there. So she shouted, "NO!" All of a sudden, she woke up. She was in her bed again in her house. She then thought to herself, while hyperventilating out of frightening, that it was just a dream. She then saw dim sunlight poke between. She knew it was day. She went over to open the curtains to get some fresh air, when she saw a forest. She was shocked. How could all those trees in that forest grow oh so fast. Just when she thought she was still dreaming, she saw something appear out of the woods. It came crawling out. It looked like a skinny, almost bone, figure with the face of a man. It had large skinny hand with pointed fingers at the end. It had a smile one it's face. A very large intimidating smile. Almost like the smile of a child. Just Mrs. Cloone was about to scream, the thing pounced on window. She then heard the same shivering voice of the boy-like entity say " You have lost your chance, Madam." The thing then rammed it's hand though the window, breaking it. Mrs. Cloone felt as if she couldn't run, let alone move a hair. The thing jumped through the window, shattering the rest of the glass. It then laid its finger on the Mrs. Cloone's neck and began to scratch. She began to scream, with blood squirting out of her neck. She screamed in pain and agony. She then fell to the floor and her eyes began to shut. As they were slowly closing, all she could see was black, pitch black.

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