The Mantis-like Being From Another World

by Bryce Poland


A short, somewhat Lovecraftian science fiction story about a young and innocent boy who encounters an mantis-like cosmic entity from another dimension.

Have you ever wondered, if I may ask, if there were an other planets that inhabited life other than earth? It wasn't long before a research group of Astrobiologists discovered a certain species of microorganisms whose cellular patterns weren't that different from the bacteria that lives on earth. The main source of life on other planets was first discovered by a young boy who lived in Racquetsberg, Alabama. The boy's name was Thomas McChristopher. Yet all the young boys and girls called him Tommy. The year was 2015. It was summer during that time, when the temperature increased at a high level due to the state of Alabama being closed to the earth's equator. The start of the summer break was pretty average for young Tommy. That is, until, several children went missing.

Tommy sat on his front porch praying that his friends would come home and that their parents wouldn't worry anymore. Just when Tommy was about to walk back inside, he heard a large beeping sound. The sound was unlike any other sound he's heard before. Although it almost made his ears feeling they were about to bleed, he decided located the source of the sound. He followed the sound into the local forest.

He walked further and further into the woods. He was shocked when he saw what appeared to be an enormous metallic. Parts of it appeared to be silver while other parts of it appeared to be grey. Tommy noticed an average sized hole on one of the sides the cube. Tommy, using his knowledge from his 3rd grade Geometry Class, thought the shape at first was a cube. He then saw the shape change into what appeared to be a towering rectangle. Then the hole changed into a shape that Tommy could not make out. Even so, he decided to crawl through the hole while its area was still larger than his body. Tommy then felt the sound as if it was right next him in his presence. All of a sudden, the unknown shaped hole quickly and unexpectedly closed behind him. He knew immediately that he was trapped in the darkness of large and unearthly cube.

He then started to hear heavy breathing. A light immediately turned on. It was a single, solitary light that contained a mixture of different colors that to him, existed on earth. The mixture of colors in the light, unknowingly for a boy his age, were colors that existed in his dimension. In my conclusion, all the colors in the Milky Way Dimension, were all mixed in that single and solitary light. Tommy then heard the breathing behind him again. Although he was scared, he turned around and saw, to him and the perception of the creatures in his dimension, a 15 foot mantis-like creature.

The creature's breath danced across the Tommy's face and neck along a stroke of cold air running down his back. The creature then spoke in a loud, computer-like voice, "Thank you for coming, small Milky Way Unit. As you can see behind you, all the other small Milky Way Units I have picked up in this area of the Planet Earth." Tommy was frightened. Although his father was an alcoholic, he always told his son to be brave when he came across tough situations. Tommy then spoke to the creature, with a stutter in his voice, "What are you and where are you from? And where are all my friends?" The creature answered, using words that English speaking, earthly, Milky Way Units would understand, "I am a Manty. I am from the planet Tenalp. If you are curious towards where Tenalp is, it is, from your perspective, a planet in the Solitary Dimension. It is the only planets the exists in the Solitary Dimension. But as this point in the time line of all space, Tenalp is dying. Because I am the head Manty on the Planet Tenalp, I was sent to find spacetime double object. This object combines elements from the Solitary Dimension with the elements from the Milky Way Dimension. In smaller words, it opens up the portal that allows me to travel to this dimension. It mainly exists in the Solitary Dimension. I was sent to find it and I eventually did. I opened the portal and captured each of the small Milky Way Units in this area. I will use you too. For I have given these small Milky Way Units great powerful energy far beyond your entire planet's comprehension. I have ordered them to use their powers to destroy each of the Milky Way Units on this planet of which you call Earth. Unless, the Milky Way Units allow the other Telalpians, and especially all the other Manties, to live on your planet and have control over all the species of the earth. It's either thrive under our control, or be destroyed." Just as the Manty stopped speaking, Tommy was, more than any other human on earth, going insane. But, beyond my knowledge, he was still able to speak. In an even more shivering tone, he said "Why do take control of children, and not adults?" The many answered, "Only the young "children" can store my dimension's great powerful energy. For the smaller their bodies are, the more energy they can store within them. I will use you as well. From my vision, you contain, the correct size, volume, and mass that the energy can be stored in."

Tommy, being as brave as he could be, despite deep down on the inside almost scared to death, screamed " I won't let you use me! Now let my friends go!" The Manty then grew a horrific grin on it's face, a terrifying, sinister, evil grin. It said " You're too late. They are already under my control. Their "souls" are gone. There is nothing you can do." The last few words the monstrous creature said repeated over and over in his mind. To this day, it still plays monotonously in his brain. But during that moment, Tommy, scared yet intellectual, had an idea find it's way into his brain. He thought "What if I were to run out of the portal and on the way through, smash the spacetime double object." He then looked up at the Manty and saw it lift it's insect-like claws up,as if ready to put Tommy under it's control. Tommy then ran just before that thing caught him.

He ran over to where to spacetime double object. It looked like a crystal to him. But he didn't have quite enough time to make out what it was. He then looked behind him and saw the Manty crawling slowly towards him. He quickly grabbed the "crystal-like object" and ran over to the portal. He jumped through and in almost less than a second, he threw the object to the floor and it smashed into pieces. The next second, he woke up in the forest where the metallic cube was. At first he noticed it was gone. A large pain in his left shoulder kept him from feeling relieved. He looked and noticed that his left arm was gone. For the portal closed on his left arm, severing it and trapping it in the Solitary Dimension. Tommy screamed in pain and agony, for this was a negative feeling he never felt before. Along with the encounter with Anti-Milky Way Dimensional being. Then he passed out. He found himself woken up in a hospital with a bandage around where his arm originally was. The feeling of losing a body part was too much for a child. He laid in the hospital for two weeks. The physicians noticed that he was insane during those two weeks and knew he had to be sent to a mental institution. He remains at the mental institution to this day.

Tommy never spoke about the encounter but his doctors did listen to him talk about dreams where a mantis-like creature along with several other un-explainable monsters were planning on finding a key to open up a portal to this dimension. Tommy knew that if they did open another portal. It would be the end of the species on earth, especially the human race. Even these words still move through Tommy's head to this day, "There is nothing you can do."

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