Generosity Is Divine

by Dr. Pran Rangan

A new construction was going on at a site after demolishing an old decrepit building nearby the residence of Dr. Kamal Arora in an upscale locality. The weather had been swelteringly hot for the last couple of days but on that day the temperature had crossed the mark of 45 degrees in the afternoon.

Normally, Dr. Arora used to have a nap in the afternoon after lunch as it was a routine. One day, all of a sudden, the bell at the entrance of his residence rang, startling him from the power nap. He got up drowsily to open the door and found that some people had brought a young woman of about 20 years as she had collapsed as a result of many loose motions.

He immediately recognized her as a construction laborer working at the site nearby. One day when he was passing by the construction site, he saw her fetching heavy construction material on her head from place to place.

He felt pity for her and asked a supervisor at the site: "Who is that woman doing heavy manual work?"

The supervisor replied: "Sir, she has come from Bihar to work here. She has a daughter of two years to tend to. She is a destitute as her husband has left her."

Dr Arora left the place pondering over the piteous condition of many such women. But after some time, his mind became busy in other things pushing away thoughts about her.

When Dr. Arora saw her, he made her comfortable at a place and examined her. After taking a careful history and doing an examination, he found that she had been having diarrhea and vomiting since morning; she also had severe dehydration. All these can prove to be quite dangerous if not attended to properly. As she required urgent hospitalization, he referred her to a nearby hospital. He also informed the hospital in advance on telephone so that no delay in instituting treatment takes place.

As she didn't have money, she pleadingly requested Dr. Arora to give some treatment. When he explained her seriousness of the condition, she told that she wouldn't mind dying but for my small daughter I want to live as she has no one to look after her.

Then Dr. Arora made a decision to her help her. He gave her Rs.2000/- and the supervisor too gave Rs. 500/-. He asked the persons accompanying her to take her to the hospital soon without wasting time. He also informed the hospital to admit the patient immediately and assured the hospital authorities that he won't charge visiting fee from the hospital whenever he would to visit her as consultant.

With timely treatment, she was normal by the end of four days. After getting discharged from hospital, she came straightaway to Dr. Arora and profusely thanked him for his help and said: "You are an angel sent by the God to save me from dying and my daughter from becoming an orphan. I will always be thankful to you." Dr. Arora was so happy to see her well and asked her not to work so hard in such a hot weather.

He had almost forgotten the incidence, when one day she came to return him Rs. 2000/- that he had given for treatment.

Then he asked her: "From where have you got the money? Have you borrowed it from someone?"

She replied: "No I haven't borrowed. I have got wages for the fifteen days I have worked here."

Offering the money with a broad smile on her innocent face, she requested: "Sahib, please take it."

Dr. Arora was moved deeply by her ingenuous gesture. He refused to take the money and asked to spend it on the care of her daughter. She left the place, not sure what to do.

Once in a while, when Dr. Arora passed by the construction site, on seeing him she used to give an innocent smile to express her gratitude. When the construction work was over, she left the place but didn't forget to meet him before leaving. Still at times her innocent smiles remind Dr. Arora of how grateful she was to him. And it gave him happiness remembering those innocent smiles that conveyed her gratitude.

Such acts of generosity give happiness both to those who perform them and for whom they are performed.

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