The Journey With Mother Nature

by Punit Kambi


It's my Journey with mother nature when i read her feelings through my eyes.

Here I am traveling from Hubli to Bengaluru ,the city of million 's summer noon and the sun is not showing any mercy to calm down.I got into my train and gotta see all kind of emotions around me in people's face. Someone is anxious to find their seat , someone is sad to send off their loved ones ,someone is happy to be traveling with thier family and somebody is selling something and working hard to support their family.

As the train pass on the stations , beautiful mother nature started showing off her beauty. yeah it's summer and clouds started forming to pour holy water on mother Earth to make her look more beautiful.

I stepped out from my seat to see this beautiful sight. Yes i am standing on the door to feel the breeze to the fullest. She looks like she is happy to feel the drops of holy water pouring from the sky after burning herself from scorching heat of sun.

The lightning looks like it is the only light made by God to see her beauty and the thunder feels like the only music which she likes to dance on. Yes I could see her dancing to the thunder and lightning with branches of trees and her little samplings.

It feels so good to see her smiling.

She is a mother with selfless love and always ready to sacrifice herself for the greed of human race. But nobody cared when she lost her family and neighbors in front of her own eyes.

Isn't she sad about it ? . . as the train entered the city surrounded by multistorey buildings , I could see fear in her eyes. She is worried to lose her children and herself to these massive concrete structures sometime in future.

But she is always selfless and helpless.

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