The Utopia That Is Outside

by Cameryn West


This is my first story I decided to write.\

I know it's not perfect, but I would love to see feedback

Outside, beauty and grace incarnate, what seems like an endless world with dreams to be created and come true, people to find and associate with, the trees, oh the trees! The Outside was a utopia, and the Inside an excruciating......lacerating..... hell like prison, run by a warden who seems to have no sympathy, not one bone in that body that has tenderness for others.

The warden yells orders at its prisoners, all 8 of them, to clean, eat when told to, to obey every command. One of the prisoners, an 8 year old girl named Denise, was told to lift a chair, a brown, torn recliner, from the warden's office to the torture room, the basement of the prison. We were told to stay and watch, while she struggled to lift it even an inch of the dirty rug. She, to the surprise of her fellow inmates, she managed to move it 3 feet forward, until she dropped it on her feet, releasing a scream that those across the continent would hear.

The warden simply picked her up, yelled at her, and brought her upstairs, the place of seemingly no return. All we heard were the sounds of chains, and the warden, who always seemed to watch over us with intense duty, was gone for what seemed like hours, yet we didn't move an inch, knowing the Devil would find us, like they were always observing us from every location. The warden finally came down the stained wooden stairs, seemingly exhausted, and forgot to button their top button. We couldn't even start to think of the endless horrors Denise went through. We simply went to bed, never seeing Denise again.

A week later after the incident, an 11 year old boy named George, tried doing what all of us thought impossible, going to the Outside. He had grabbed a key from the warden while they were lecturing to Kyle, another one of the slaves, and simply opened the door and ran like an injured gazelle running from a ferocious leopard, and like the gazelle usually becomes, George was caught, and devoured. We couldn't move, we simply stood and observed the grotesque happenings. We couldn't sleep that day, and could never eat.

I loved the trees, they look like they could protect you from any problem, and carry you when you need it the most. They have the most beautiful colors, and from I read in the library, they had many of them, and a plethora of shapes and sizes. I simply had to get to one! After misplacing the key she got off George, I grabbed it in the mid of night, and opened the door to the promised land. I ran as fast as possible, feeling the soft grass on my dirty toes, seeing the wondrous, illuminating moon brighten up my face. Then, I saw it, trees! They were everywhere! I ran to them, finding what seemed to be gravel with paint on it, I ignored this weird oddity and jogged as fast as possible, until I tripped on this gravel. I looked to lights, weird lights, seemingly moving lights, when I looked back, the warden was running in sleeping ware. There were 2 lights, 2 gigantic lights, and they were closing in on me, I was too paralyzed to move, and could only scream for the wardens help.........


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