The Move

by Shadow Night


It is a short scary series that tells the tale of the children before they lived with the demoness. The next story will be called the house. If you want to read the poem Click here

     I woke up to my father screaming again at my mom, probably drunk again. And my little sis sobbing again "why do they always fight?". I reassured her that it was okay. If it wasn't for her I would have run away already. I whispered to her "Get dressed so we can go to school". "I don't want to go there again." she begged. "we have to, come on, we'll sneak out the back door.". Clash was the last thing we heard of a fight from the shambles of a house.

     Once we got to school we hugged, and left. This boy, taller and one year older than me, sneaked behind me and pushed me into a cold, dark puddle. every one laughed at me, even the teachers. The other boy named jack "Look at klutzy slutzy, she's as dirty as her love life.". My only friend snickering a little tried to comfort me, but I knew better, she wouldn't be laughing at me. I hurried into the closest bathroom, and cried. I stayed there until school ended. "Hey sis, what happened?". I didn't say any thing. "bullies?" "Yes em". That was my nickname for her, her real name was Emilly.

      We walked the rest of the way home quietly, what made it worse was the cold, hard droplets that started to fall. Our house had red and blue beaming sirens around it, with the neon yellow tape surrounding the house. "stay here Em, I didn't want you hurt". My mom were with the scary people in dark blue, like deep water. After the police had left we were allowed to get our stuff and move into a motel.

     "Mommy, what happened?" Em asked. That question, weirdly enough was on my mind. Her eyes were tomatoes from crying " After I got home from shopping for dinner..sob...I found daddy dead with a gun in his mouth.". She sighed "He loved you.". Then she completely broke. We went to school then went back to that dingy motel. Mom had a sent of alcohol on her breath. "I found a house in Al...Huck...abama". "What mommy?" asked Em. I told her what mom tried to say. "Why there?''. Curiosity got the best in me. "Because the owner eagerly want..Huck..wanted to sellit.". The last words ran together. "Tomorrow we'll leave" she said mournfully, "i'll..Huck...sis this place.". I danced at the thought of leaving this hellhole.

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