Vampire Male and Witch - Shadows Edge

by Krystal

Extract from the Of Gods and monsters Series - Shadows edge


Danielle hung up the phone and muttering to herself, "sure, sure, 180 seconds is more than enough time. Simple! Just open a portal, grab an enraged dragon pursuing none other than her fated mate, break up the fight and have a pre-set portal for two ready for a cross-dimensional return trip into a warded wiccan stronghold in New Orleans. Easy. Want some fires with that?". Spinning around heading towards the door Danielle jumped when she walked straight into a hulking make leaning off the doorframe. Iver. How the hells did he find her? Without moving Iver peered down clearly bewildered at the tiny muttering female who had just walked into him. How would she be able to complete those tasks, this, fragile female. If it was physically possible as Danielle looked up she saw his face grow even more stern than before. Angling his head downward to look at her. She quickly took a step back followed by his scowled. He rumbled in a deep voice, "do not joke about these things... Witch.". Taken back by his obvious lack of faith in her abilities Danielle simply fluttered her thick eyelashes several times and crossed her arms not so graciously and very loudly scrunching her oversized biker jacket. The nerve of this male. She never took any shit from anyone and she sure as hells was not going to begin with Iver. Confidently she rebutted in her extra patronizing voice, "hey, hey, they don't call me super-witch for nothing.". Iver scoffed, "They don't call you super-witch.". Great Hecate this male wasn't going to know what hit him Danielle thought as she casually reached up to unpin her long black hair. Did she imagine or did she actually just see his jaw twitch? Go big or go home kids! So she did what any super-witch would do and pulled off her leather jacket in single movement tossing it to the stone floor. Yes, undoubtedly she was defiantly effecting him now. He uncrossed his arms to unconsciously rub his right palm leisurely over his mouth. Her black hair tumbled down her shoulders and she could almost physically feel his gaze rolling over her. Did she put on her tight fitting and low cut red button up singlet just because she knew she might see him today? Of course not. Standing tall, chin up and looking Iver right in his eyes she lazily said "Oh honey but they will.". Danielle smirked when she stepped backward into her scheduled portal. The last thing she saw was that tall, bronzed and handsome vampire's jaw hit the flaw.

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