by Sonia Cheug

Colours are my rainbow , my hero and my one true love .

Gold is my treasure and his footprints , he bestows upon our earth .

Grey is my tree and the supreme being , who lifts me upto heaven .

Blue is my sky and the substance, which centers myself with in this world .

Green is my grass and the way he moves me , with his sensitivity and compassion .

Red is his passion and for what he stands for ; such as righteousness , truth, loyalty and friendship .

White is my lightning bolt and his energy , he bestows upon me .

Orange is the twist of my fruit and his zhang of fresh air .

Purple is Jimmy Hendrix's haze and the magical way , my love can read all of my thoughts .

Maroon is my serenity and the way we sit comfortably , with in each other's silence .

Pink is my playground and the way we laugh like children .

Black is my darkness and a void I would feel , bestowed upon me .

These are my words .

These are my moods .

And these are my colours .

The End .

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