by Sonia Cheug

We are not simple creatures .

We live our lives in fear and sleep in other persons' confusion .

We stand alone in the night time , behind our own broken barriers.

And we ask ourselves , why cant't the past be written all over again ?

So we can do all the wrong mistakes right .

The writings on the wall are hiding somewhere .

Behind a thick , dark and misty fog .

Simplicity is made to be misunderstood and confusion does make sense .

Its like a chess board with checkered past .

There are black and white squares and creatures who hold different levels of knowledge.

Complicity is carried through the wind , like the cool light ocean breeze .

It breezes in through the north and stays at the centre of our universe .

A cup is neither half full or half empty .

It is just unjustified , like the power of our electricity .

A scale will not function ,without the ying and yang of a weight .

The answers lie somewhere , within our deepest dreams .

Dreams are like the master key of our locked doors .

They will always open , when we learn to aceept .

And nightmares will eventually fade ....

If we learn to awaken both our eyes and ears .

The End .

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