Ghost of the Night Part 1

by Jimmy smith

It was a long time ago. I was on my snap chat it was 2:59 am I was still not tired and just was getting annoyed from not sleeping. It just turned 3 am and my clock had ding from the new hour. So I looked on Snapchat at my freinds took a photo my freind took there was a strange black figure behind her. It's probably just another person up but I dm my Freind anyway. She said that it's coming over and over. I'm like ok but nothing's coming. At that moment my phone dropped under the bed so I bent down to pick it up. It opened the snap chat map I looked at it and I showed a outline of a bit emoji at my address. It wasn't mine I don't have a bit emoji yet i didn't want to make one then I heard a big gust of wind. I look out my window and....

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