The Magical Ballerina Musical Box Version Two.

by Roxanne Dubarry


This is a different version of The Magical Ballerina Music Box.

Beverly and Penny Lane were the only two children of Mr. and Mrs. John Lane. Mr. Lane was a mill worker at the Simpson's Paper Mill. Mrs. Barbara Lane was a housewife and stayed home with her children. The girls were close in age and shared a bedroom. Beverly was the oldest and Penny was the youngest. They both decided two little girls were all they could both handle. They had a magical ballerina music box. It played a beautiful melodies tune. They also had a frequent visitor. She was a beautiful blond hair, blue-eyed rainbow butterfly fairy. She likes listening to the music and watching the graceful ballerina spinning around and around. Her name was Faria. She was able to communicate with the little girls. But she was never around when their parents or visitors were present. She would enter and leave the room through the masked facial male facial image of the magic mirror. He was also never around when they had company.

He would talk to both Faria and the girls. Faria gave both girls their own Santa Claus magic snow globes. "If ever you need to contact us, you can use them. No matter where you are either near or far." You will both be granted sanctuaries. One of them is located at the North Pole. The other is Rainbow-butterfly Fairy Island." "We are both happy where we are!" the girls echoed. Faria entered the facial image and everything was back to normal. "Girls, be quiet your father is sleeping! Who are you talking to anyway?asked their mother. "We are just talking to ourselves, mother!" Both girls chorused.

"What do we do now, Beverly?" "Be quiet and take a nap." "Do we have to go to school tomorrow?" "Tomorrow is Saturday, silly!"Faria could take human shape. She knocked on their front door, and Mrs. Lane let her in. Faira had her luggage. She also had recommendations. She would offer to be a live-in baby sister for free room and board. Faira could also change her appearance. Fully realizing Barbara would be concerned about her husband and the girls, she made the necessary corrections. Instead of blond hair, she had brown. In place of her blue eyes, they were gray. Mrs. Barbara Lane was concerned about her height and weight. Faria became a petite plus sized older woman.

Faria was right. Barbara Lane would never become jealous of her. John Lane would not become interested in her. The girls would trust her more if she was a middle-aged woman instead of a teenager. Faria had a colorful carpet bag. Inside of it were three Santa Claus magical snow globes. Barbara never asked to see her references. It was a good thing because they were all phony recommendations. "We have a small bedroom my mother used to use. She is the Angel Care Adult Family Home. She never visits us. We go and visit her." "I am sure everything will be just perfect.' "Now I can talk to the girls all I want to. They will never recognize me in a million years!" Faria thought to herself.

Love as always, Roxanne Lea Dubarry

aka Roxy Lea 1954

aka Roxy 54/ October Country

March 16, 2018

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