From My World to Yours Ch.14

by Riana Rivers

         Chapter 14 Samantha                  

         I stayed up all night for weeks trying to get the microchip right but I'm still nowhere close. I couldn't let such an important part of my escape remain unfinished like this. So I decided to get some help from someone who is completely obsessed over all the military and technology things. But Favio was proving to be rather difficult to find. Normally he's around every corner doing some strange thing bothering everyone but the second you actually want to find him he's nowhere to be found. I sigh walking down an alleyway and nearly trip over someone. I catch myself on the brick wall that seems to have a round dent in it. I look down at the person to see Myra Hellskin laying there unconscious. She's pale and sweating and has a fairly large not on her head. Favio will have to wait a while. I pick her up and head to the nearest hospital. As I'm turning a corner I almost run into Favio doing something with a bunch of wires and antenna. "Oh hey Samantha how've you bee-... Is that Myra?" I smile slightly at the nervousness in his voice. "I found her passed out in an ally. Could you help me bring her over to the hospital?" "hmmm. I don't think you should take her to the hospital. It's probably related to her psychic abilities. She doesn't normally get sick." "Wait so Myra IS a psychic?" "Of course! How else do you explain the ghosts and exploding things?" It seems like the world stops for a second. Myra's a psychic. I had suspected before but to know for sure. Suddenly it's like I'm not so alone anymore. Favio snaps me out of my trance. "You should probably just take her home she most likely just needs to rest." I nod. "Do you know where she lives?" "Please. I know where everyone lives, where they walk their dog and what they had for dinner last night." "... you need to find better ways to spend your time." he laughs a little and starts helping me carry her... Then we hear the screaming. I turn my head to see a mob of people running in terror away from the direction of the old chapel. I stop little Timmy. "What's going on? What are you all running from?" "I. it it's a zombie! There was this fiery lady fighting a zombie!" he ran off with the rest of the crowd screaming even louder. I turn and look to Favio. "My place is just around the corner we can drop Myra off there for now." He says his voice surprisingly calm. I nod and we run. Almost right after we get out of the house there is a loud sound of explosions and we see giant walls of fire in the direction everyone ran from. Favio runs up to a abandoned car and sticks his head under the steering wheel and starts fiddling with the wires. "What are you doing?! We can't waste time!" the car roars to life. "I know hop in." I pause "You know how to drive?" "In theory not in practice." I use all the seatbelts from the back to buckle myself in and keep my eyes shut tight. The car swerves and stops. I open my eyes and gasp. In front of us the road is on fire. You can see the remnants of the burning cars that exploded. The street lamps and traffic signs are all melting quickly. Favio whistles. "Now that's how you fight zombies." he jokes "Now is not the time! How did this happen. It looks like the roads are burning all the way up to the freeway." I look on amazed. "Hmmm. The freeway." Favio jumps out of the car and starts running. I catch up to him fairly quickly. "What about the freeway?" I yell of the the wind and the roaring flames. "Timmy said that a fiery lady was fighting what looked like a zombie. If you were fighting someone and you didn't want people around where would you go. Assume you start somewhere over by that Brazilian market." I pause that street isn't too busy but all the streets around it in every direction are for a while... Except around the bridge. I see it come into view and without a doubt I can see fire waving around on the bridge. Not flaming the way the roads are but more controlled. The path up to the bridge is blocked by crashed cars toppled over each other. Favio doesn't waste any time searching for a different way in he just starts climbing over. When we get over we see what looks like a giant hand woven from shadows. It disappears before we can get a gook look at it. There are too people there but were too far away to make either of them out. Then all of a sudden one of them just sinks into the ground. We quicken our pace. The other person that was standing there starts to walk over in out direction. Even from this distance I can tell they're pretty short with bright sort of blood red hair. Wait a minute. Short real red hair... I look over to Favio and I can tell he's thinking the same thing. We get close enough to make her out.She wobbles and sways as she walks. We're about ten feet from her and we all stop.

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