From My World to Yours Ch.13

by Riana Rivers

                     Chapter 13

             Something grabs me from my back it feels like a giant hand throwing me back in the other direction. Someone catches me I have no idea who they are. The person looks completely black like they took a swim in paint and with my fuzzy vision I can't even make out weather the figure belongs to a man or woman. I do notice however that there is indeed an giant hand that is just as black as the stranger coming out of their shadow. They set me down gently and I sway a bit under my own weight. The person clenches their hand into a fist and swings in down. The giant shadow hand mimics the movement, crushing the revenant. I lean against one of the cars exhausted. "... Thanks for the save and all but for the record I could have handled that fine on my own." I say. My voice sounds almost as tired as I feel but it's firm and doesn't waver at all. They person chuckles lightly at that. A deep smooth sound. They're probably a man. I squint at him trying to clear my vision. It doesn't. "Who exactly are you anyway?" I say letting a bit of my irritation seep into my voice. He paused considering what I said. "...You'll find out soon enough," he replies comely. I'm about to shout something obscene at him when he literally falls into a shadow on the ground. I walk over to where he disappeared. The ground looks perfectly normal. What did he mean by that? I shake my head. That's not important right now I need to go find Myra. She should have shown up long before I set the street on fire. I start to walk over to the bridge railings but before I climb over a wave of dizziness hits me. Maybe it's better if I just follow the road for now.

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