From My World to Yours Ch.12

by Riana Rivers

        ch.12        Lizzy                

            I heard screaming before I saw the building. When I get to the door it's been torn off its hinges. As I head up the steps someone comes flying out a window.                         I see the revenant and it suddenly makes sense why he's at the chapel. He's dressed in rotted preachers robes with his skin flaking looks like he had been trying to give a sermon but when the people started screaming he decided to fling them around. He picks up a nun about to throw her into the air. I shoot out a stream of fire that burns the flesh off his legs. He lets out a gurgled enraged sound and drops the nun to the floor. I run over and blast him into the far wall. "Get everyone out of here and call an ambulance. NOW." The terrified nun gets up and starts dragging the remaining people out the door. I turn just in time to see him throw a pew at me. I blast it with a wave of brilliant blue flame that burns straight through where I was aiming it. He gives off another gurgled scream and starts running at me. I bring up a wall of fire and send it at him. He runs straight through the fire searing off his clothes and his remaining flesh leaving only charred muscle. He gets to me too soon to for me to do anything and he throws me through the wall with the door in it. I hit the pavement hard and roll out onto the road almost getting run over by swerving cars. I blink away the spots in my vision and push myself off the ground. My legs probably fractured and my arm has dozens of shards of glass in it. I'm all the way on the other side of the street. He stops halfway across the road and starts throwing cars. I run down the road as best I can dodging the vehicles he keeps throwing and blasting the ones I can't. My leg and lungs throb in protest at all this movement. I have to roll under a semi to avoid getting crushed. I slip on all the gasoline covering to road and land on my bleeding arm pushing the pieces in further. I force myself to my knees breathing heavy I can feel myself ready to go into shock at any more provocation to my injured limbs. The Revenant is making his way over slowly his charred feet leaving gooey footprints wherever he walks. I look around desperate for something to help me. I'm standing in an intersection the path to my left is blocked off by piles of crashed cars, behind me people are fleeing, to my right... a bridge. I limp over as fast as I can turning back to watch his progress. He's really starting to get on my nerves as he casually walks along throwing an occasional car no longer seeing me as much of a threat. He must be following me for revenge or lack of something better to do. I start climbing up one of the support pillars. He's about twenty feet from the bridge I look out farther at the trail he's left. Where in the world is Myra? She shouldn't be taking this long to get here. The revenants only five feet from the pillar now. I throw a tiny fireball down barely grazing his shoulder hitting the ground. In an instant the entire road goes up in flames, all the cars that had crashed and leaked out most of their gasoline practically explode. I allow myself I satisfied grin at the beautiful sight. I roll onto the road on the bridge collapsing on the ground. I'm starting to get why Myra was making such a big deal out of revenants. I pull out my phone."Hey is this the fire department? Yeah great. The street by the old chapels on fire. You should probably get started on putting it out bye." I hang up and lay there a minute. I can feel the roaring heat from the fire in the streets. I think back to everyone fleeing and bite my lip. They should have been far enough away for the fire not to get them but there's no way for me to be sure. I force myself to my knees. I need to get to a doctor. As I head across the road I hear a gurgling growl. I turn to see a hand reach over the railing. The revenants face comes into view one eye hanging out of it's socket charged and dangling. Now the muscle that had been on him is torn and burned to a crisp veins hang from places where the muscle is completely gone. I stand there in shock holding my arm with all the glace in it. My energy is almost spent. I grit my teeth. Where in the hell is Myra? Fine if I'm going down then I'm going down fighting. I rip the biggest shard of glass out of my arm and chuck it at the revenants head burying it deep in his skull. He fumbles for it.                        

                I need to use my energy sparingly. I conjure it into my hands making it take form. I want some space between me and it. I form my fire into long ropes. One in each hand. As I finish I feel something in the fire change. It no longer constantly drains me.                                

                     The revenant has given up on getting the glass shard out of his head and now he's just mad. He charges at me. I swing one of my whips at his outstretched arms. It wraps tightly around its wrist and I pull him to the side and slash his back with the other whip. It leaves a fairly deep charred cut. He swings his arm wildly tearing his arm free of the fire. I jump back while lashing out at him again this time aiming for his legs. I pull them out from under him. Then he grabs at the fire and pulls even as it melts the bones in his hands. My vision starts to blur I lurch forward tripping over my fractured leg. Falling right toward his clawing hands.

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