From My World to Yours Ch.11

by Riana Rivers

             ch.11 Myra             

         Myra tapped her foot incessantly on the floor. She threw a look to Lizz trying to talk without words. Why hadn't her distraction gone off!? We had to get out of detention soon or we wouldn't be able to get the revenant in time! The thing about revenants is they don't know their dead or they believe that they've been brought back to life. They can think clearly instead of just acting on emotion like a normal ghost. And though they don't have all the abilities of a normal ghost they can take a physical form all on their own and when they do people can see them. I've only ever run into one other and afterwards I was in the hospital for over a month. They are insanely strong. I throw Lizz another panicked look. The throws a look back at me like "Just a few more minutes stop freaking out at me if nothing else I can jump the teacher as you run out the door." Or something like that. Then a loud noise goes off like a bomb in the chem lab.

        Leven looks up from the history book he was reading to us, shrugs his shoulders and goes right on with his lesson. You have got to be kidding me. That sounded like a nuke went off! I look over to see Lizz glaring daggers at him gripping her desk so hard her hands literally turn white. The wooden desk starts smoking under her hands. We have to get out of here fast. I take a big breath of the smoke coming from Lizzy's hands so I start coughing loudly. Leven looks up again and starts walking over. I let energy build inside me so I heat up. "Miss Hellskin are you alright?" he asks noticing how flushed I am. "I haven't been feeling so great today." I weize out. I take a look over at Lizz and am happy to see her hands are no longer smoking. Leven gives me a sympathetic look. "Alright. I'll let you all out early today! Go home and get some rest Myra." I'm frozen for a few seconds at the use of my first name. Leven never uses out first names like a normal teacher. There's only him the principle and one other teacher that ever use last names and that's only for a few of the kids. I use my shock to turn pale. I give a silent nod and lean on Lizzy as we exit the room.                        

          As soon as we're out of sight we break into a run. I close my eyes searching for the strange energy they give off. I send out a thin wave of my own energy and in my mind everything turns into a black and white three dimensional map. I see the revenant heading over to a chapel not too far from the school. I feel exhausted once i'm done and trip as i'm running because of the sudden loss of energy and Lizz has to catch me. "He's over by the chapel. I think he was headed inside." Lizz gives me a nod. She sets me down on a bench and runs off. I struggle stay awake as I catch my breath. Lizz and I have been practicing with our abilities seeing what we can do. Before I had only know about the energy blasts, making the ghosts visible when I touched them and sealing rooms. But I had learned all that by accident and necessity. I noticed I could sense energy and experimented with that to discover my new tricks but they leave me exhausted. I try to shake myself out of my daze. I can't leave Lizz to fight it all on her own. I get up and start jogging in her direction and my vision starts to blur around the edges and I lose balance. My head hits the alley wall and everything goes black.

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