From My World to Yours Ch.7

by Riana Rivers

                     Chapter 7

        In an alley nearby the Walmart walked a person cloaked in shadows. They watched Myra drive away with Lizzy and let the shadows fall away. His phone rang. "Yeah sis?" "any luck? In that crazy town? Because if you don't find anything in a week or two I can get you pulled back early. We're understaffed with you here as it is. People everywhere are starting to notice." "That's ok Naomi. I already found some." "What seriously!? You found some other psychics already!?" "Not only that but i found a clairvoyant. She's not completely incapable either." "... you need to get her over here as soon as possible. We've been essentially blind ever since we lost Isaac. This could finally turn the tide back in our favor!" "Naomi calms down I can't hed back yet. Look this town... there might be more of them here. Plus i just got here it would be suspicious if i left so soon." "sigh... all right. I'll see what i can do to hold things together till you get back. But please hurry. We need a new clairvoyant and fast. We can't fight invisible enemies forever... goodnight." "Night. I won't be longer than two weeks." he ended the call. If his sister was getting worked up than it had to be pretty bad back there. He had seen the incidents on the world news. But that had started before he'd left. There was something she wasn't telling him... not that she ever told him much. But generally, when it came to the ghost invasion she was fairly open about how deep in manure they were. He headed to his apartment. A clairvoyant was just what they needed right now. But the other one... he was surprised to find out that she was a psychic as well for starters. And from the way it sounded she wasn't as experienced as the other. If so ... he hadn't seen a pyromancer with that much raw power in some time. There was something about Spring Valley. The people here were... insane. But he had never heard of there being two psychics in one place that weren't related.


     Favio crept down the Walmart sign and flew his drone over to where he had hidden his bike. Ghosts! There had been ghosts everywhere! And that phone call. Who was Naomi? Other than the guy's sister that is. Something big was going on here. The clairvoyant they were talking about was probably Myra. Judging by this she probably wasn't an alien like he had thought. And Lizzy most likely wasn't a demon. Heck! Maybe most of the strange people around here were just psychics as they had called them. He rode home as fast as he could while making the drone follow the man(who he had decided was most definitely an FBI agent) back to where he lived. It didn't take long but he still almost got hit by a car doing it. He chained his bike to the fence and sprayed it with gnome repellant. Then jumped the fence into his backyard. He ran up to the tree and moved the moss off of the retina scanner. The tree opened up to a decently large elevator (considering it didn't take up more space than the tree) and headed down to his bunker. He got to work on fixing all his boards with the pictures and the strings connecting everything, revisiting old cases. By the time he was done it was too late to update his site so he went to bed.               

             He got up three hours before school was supposed to start (only an hour earlier than usual) and got himself three cups of coffee. He went and checked out the cemetery for signs of zombies having risen last night happy to find none. Then went on his rounds of going through almost everyone's trash. He found out a good bit of blackmail and gossip that he could trade for information from some of the gossips at school but nothing much of supernatural or paranormal importance. After dropping by home to shower he decided to follow Samantha around to see if she was a psychic as he now suspected. He was going to need to figure out some kind of foolproof test to check everyone in town. He should probably check himself while he was at it. You never could be sure. Samantha was an easy target to follow. Her parents were gone to work before she even got up and were only around her at dinner time really. He had initially assumed that she had brainwashed them into being around less so that she could do all her reptilian stuff. But looking at them now realized they were just workaholics. Sam never noticed him staring at her since pretty much everyone stared at her. It was fairly normal she talked to absolutely everyone never getting one moment where she could walk without talking. Went from class to class being the teacher's pet. By lunch he was pretty tired of following her around all day. He couldn't believe that he had gotten today's schoolwork done the week before just to end up following her. It was great that she helped run the blood drive at lunch but it was nothing of interest to him. He didn't get how everyone wished they had her life. He had seen what it was like most of the time and it was exhausting just watching her. She didn't get any time to herself whatsoever, her parents were always busy, she was friends with everyone and yet didn't have any REAL friends. He couldn't understand how or why she kept on doing all this. He was about to give up watching her when one of the columns they had gotten from theater to hold up the banner fell right on her. He had noticed it before it had finished falling so he had gotten there before anyone else to get it off her. The stagehands true to their love of authenticity had put actual rock on the outside of it so it was really heavy. He managed to get it off of her with only her helping somehow. He sat her down on a chair and started looking her over to see if she was injured while everyone else was freaking out or running to get the nurse. She had a few scrapes and bruises but they were... healing already. Even the gash on her arm was gone in less than a minute. He stared at her now perfectly healed arm. "Um. thanks Favio. Sorry for ... you know slapping you the other day. But seriously don't spray me with that stuff again." she said the last part jokingly trying to lighten things up a little bit. She probably wouldn't answer any questions with so many people around. "You look like you didn't get hurt at all. Do you think you could help me push this column outside? I want to check it for alien devices." he said as he went over to the column and started pushing it. Yeah there was no way that only two people would be able to push this thing even with an adrenaline boost from the stress. She quickly got up to help him push it probably not wanting him to notice how insanely heavy it was. "So you think aliens made the column fall over to crush me?" she asked when they got it into the janitor's closet that he kept all his equipment in trying to sound amused but sounding rather nervous. He shut the door and turned to face her with a grave expression. "How did your wounds heal that fast? And how were you able to lift the column? That thing weighs over 90 pounds. It should have taken a minimum of four people to move it." she looked like a deer in the headlights. "I don't know what you're talking about. There wasn't anything to heal so fast from and you were lifting most of the column by yourself-" he pulled out his phone and showed her the footage he had recorded of her wounds healing up. "How did you-? You didn't even have anything to record that with?!" "Iris lens. Records everything I see in case I ever miss something. Now please answer the questions honestly." she paused most likely judging how hard it would be to push past me and get out into the hall. "Look how about this. If you tell me I won't post anything about you on the site or say anything about you and I'll take all the posts about you down." "how do i know that you're not just saying that and you won't turn around and do the opposite of everything you just said if i tell you?" "Does it even matter really? Everyone already thinks I'm crazy and make up all of my theories. If I did say anything about it no one would believe me and you could probably get the entire wrestling team to beat the crap out of me for it." she nodded her head as if saying I had a good point. "I honestly don't know. I can just sort of speed up my healing be focusing on it. Same thing with me strength or any of my senses really. I just have to focus on them and they improve as much as i try to get them to. I'm a little wiped out afterward so I don't really use them too much. Accept the regeneration thing and I have once increased my memory for a test I'll admit... but I have no idea why I can do any of this." "...yep definitely psychic. Hmm. I wonder how many we have in our school. He said it was rare for more than one to be in the same area unless related... Does our town just have a surplus then? Or maybe there's some kind of phenomena the causes it." "Um. What are you talking about? Who said that? And what do you mean psychic ?" "Sorry I don't know everything right now... hmm. A test. Do you mind if I scan your brainwaves and bioelectricity?" "My what?"                          

             Sam eventual relented so that she could get back to class and wasn't too upset about it once she realized I just had to wave some scanners around in front of her real quick. She left as soon as it was done and I had to go and get a bunch of drama kids to take the column back to the theater. But I finally had some data to go on. If I could just get some scans of another psychic or two and some people I knew were normal I could just scan the entire school to find out how many were here then finding out who they were would only be a matter of time. The principle and my parents were a safe bet for someone normal. Then for the other psychics, I could just get some scans of Lizzy and Myra... while they were sleeping.

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