From My World to Yours Ch.6

by Riana Rivers

                     Chapter 6

               I clung to my seat belt for dear life. "Do you think that you could maybe slow down a little? Or at least listen to the traffic lights?! You almost hit another car!" "Oh stop worrying! It's already midnight I don't want to waste any more time getting there!... and I know how to dodge cars Myr I do this all the time on the race track!" "Dodging PARKED cars!" she swerved into a parking spot leaving some fairly impressive skid marks. She wore through tires pretty fast but it didn't matter her parents made almost a mill a month and never noticed if she swiped a card and spent even a few thousand. Climbing up the rope i was glad i had worn my fingerless gloves today. Lizz had brought leather ones to wear. She tried for a while at the grate but it wouldn't come all the way off. I ended up kicking it in only to find that there was fan blades in the vent and we had to break a lock. Which i was not happy about. As soon as i stepped in a ghost whizzed past me there were tons here. Most of them dark oranges and a few reds they were everywhere. I sent out a wave just to make them visible for Lizz and started blasting them. It looked like thunderbolts coming from my hands. Lizz started throwing fireballs which was surprisingly effective. They swarmed and we had to dodge various things being thrown at us. It went on like that for a few hours there were a lot more here than I had thought and Lizzy was gasping for breath. She wasn't used to using her power that much. She only really did it when we went camping or lit off illegal fireworks. I got hit with a pot and flew ten feet from Lizz into a shelf. They all swarmed Lizzy at that moment. She screamed in rage and sent off a huge wall of fire. I ducked behind the shelf as fast as i could. After the searing heat had passed I looked out to find her collapsed on the floor without a ghost in sight. "Lizz! Are you ok?!" "I think my heart just exploded and all my lungs burst but other than that I'm fine." I let out a sigh of relief. I tried to help her get up but the pot had broken a few ribs and i was sore all over with a few burns from Lizzy's fire. She managed to pull herself up with a shelf. "Myra do you think you could figure out how to work the cash register and get me something to drink? The whole fire thing is really dehydrating." i laughed "Sure." as i walked a corner i didn't notice that there was still a ghost left it had a knife just before it stabbed me something sharp that looked like it was made of shadows went through it and the knife fell to the floor. I looked in the direction it had come from and thought i saw someone getting down from one of the beams on the ceiling. I ran over as fast as i could and chased whoever it was into the loading dock before i lost him. I gave up and got Lizzy a couple dozen sports drinks. If her ability was anything like mine she was going to need to drink a LOT.                              

           Lizzy wasn't hurt too badly just a few cuts and bruises. She had however managed to dislocate her shoulder. I took a few painful tries and a bit of help from the internet but we finally figured how to get it back into place. I decided not to mention the shadow dagger flying into the ghost or the shadowy figure. Lizz would drive me crazy trying to find out. At least with Lizzy injured she wouldn't be dragging me on another trip for a couple of days. Maybe a week if I was lucky. "Geez! You always play off all the injuries you get like there nothing! Remind me never to believe you when you say you're fine. You should really join the drama club." "No thanks they do too many musicals for my taste. Let me know how quickly you heal from this if yours is like mine you should be better pretty soon." "judging by how much this freaking hurts I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say mine is nothing like yours... was the stop sign over there green when we got here?" "Um... Lizz I don't see any stop signs. Are you feeling ok? This was your first time using your ability for anything other than campfires or a lighter. And you went pretty big at the end there-" Lizzy feel to the ground in a heap. I guess she hallucinate a bit when she overuses hers. I dragged her into the car and paused before starting it. I was nervous to ever drive with Lizzy conscious. And i never derived without her. If i got pulled over even with the licence she got me... I don't think they'd back off of me like with her despite how scared everyone's of me. But still we couldn't just stay here if the police really would give me trouble for driving they would not be happy about us breaking into a Walmart. Abandoned or not. With a sigh, I started the ignition. I drove with the headlights off only till I got farther away from the scene of the crime and I drove at normal speeds so it took a lot longer to get back. I tossed Lizz on one of the sofas in the lounge and turned on the tv. A few flying cars but not much else. It looked like things were finally calming down... at least in our town. Maybe things were calming down because the ghosts were starting to spread out. There of strange 'accidents' happening in the rest of the world. It hadn't really occurred to me that people elsewhere might have this same problem. I turned the tv off. There was no sense worrying about what was going on outside of the town. There wasn't anything I could do about it... I wonder still. With me and Lizz who's to say that there aren't others that can deal with the ghosts? Maybe even some others that can see them. Yes they could deal with the rest of the ghosts. I just had to take care of the town... there had to be more of us. There's no way that i could protect the whole world from this with or without Lizzy.

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