From My World to Yours Ch.5

by Riana Rivers

Chapter 5

Showing off my abilities like that was a serious mistake. Everyone was already scared of me for just being able to SEE ghosts. Now every ten seconds someone sends a terrified glance my way. Or there are the ones like Sam who keep their gaze either on their paper or the teacher not daring to look anywhere else. And i thought it was bad before how people avoided me. They'll probably be jumping out of my way from now on... Lizzy on the other hand is practically humming because she's so happy about it. She'll be enjoying my newfound power until she sees how miserable it makes me then she'll most likely threaten and bully everyone into not acting as strange which or course will only make things worse. The only person i can't figure out how they're reacting to my outburst is the teacher. He seems perfectly calm. Maybe he's just enjoying the class not being disruptive for more than five seconds. The bell rings and me and Lizz wait till everyone else is gone to leave. "Myra could you stay here for a bit? I'd like to talk to you a moment."-Leven "Oh go get over yourself! Let's go Myr-" "Lizz it's fine. I'll meet up with you later." "...ok but you have to sleepover tonight." Lizzy went out the door giving Leven a warning glare. "Don't worry I won't keep you long. First of all I wanted to say thank you for getting the rest of the class to shut up for five seconds but in the future you probably shouldn't go making things explode in class." he said with a light chuckle. It was unusual for someone to take things like this so well. His expression got more serious. "Secondly ... I wanted to ask you just what's going on in this town. Somehow I get the feeling that you're the only one that can and would be willing to explain it to me." "Sorry you want to know what's going on? As in you're acknowledging that something's wrong here?" "Well something is definitely strange. When I was driving here a car flew fifty feet into the air. There have been some other strange occurrences but everyone seems to ignore them as soon as they're over. There are also some peculiar characters here." "When you say peculiar characters are you referring to me?" I said narrowing my eyes "... Well you do seem a bit of a mystery yourself but I was actually thinking of the other teachers here. A lot of students come late wander the halls or do a number of strange things and no one bats an eye. When I took your friend to the principal's office for cutting class he let her go on doing what she wanted and told me that I was being ridiculous. That it was normal and fine for her to do that as long as she didn't cause too much trouble and her grades didn't drop too low." I bit my lip trying to suppress a smile. "Yeah it's a funny situation with Lizzy... there are a lot of things like that in town. The cars fly into the air all the time. People keep on saying that pipes keep bursting under the road even though the road is fine. Everyone just pretends to believe all the stories. I guess it's just easier for them. If you want some more specific examples you should look at Favio's conspiracy site the stuff he says on there about the stories is crazy but he has all of the odd stuff that happens on there. As of all the students and Lizzy... the kids here are really crazy Lizz a little more than others. There are some odd habits that some of the kids have that the teachers have given up on correcting so the teachers just deal with them. Lizzy just always gets her way no matter how long she has to torment the person. Everyone leaves her alone for good reason. To be honest if you want to keep your car in one piece you should back off of her a bit." "Ooook. So your friend is the queen of crazy. Got it. But do you know what's causing all the strange things around here?" "... call me crazy but it's actually angry spirits." "... One more thing. What's the deal with you. Everyone seems a bit scared of you. There was though noises in the closet and then when you made that thing explode in class..." "You're not going to deny me on the ghosts? ... well they're kind of linked into all the other stuff. I think I've explained enough for one day." "fair enough. Thank you for talking to me about this. I honestly wasn't expecting you to answer any of the last ones." " You're the first person I've met in a while that hasn't just ignored everything. I respect that." I headed home. It was nice for someone to acknowledge the truth for once. And to not have the person stare at you like your insane when you try to explain things. I was so tired i almost fell off my skateboard halfway to Lizzy's. I really needed rest or at least something to eat so I could get my energy back up. I heard the yelling before I even saw her house. She was at it with her parents again. I couldn't tell what they were saying because they were speaking in Russian. Lizzy's mom was actually Irish but spoke Russian so for some reason they all argued in Russian only. I rang the doorbell a few dozen times really fast to snap them out of it. There was some stomping and then Lizzy was at the door. "Come on Lizz let's get you out of here." she nodded grabbed my hand and we headed over the the garage Lizzy was only 14 and I was fifteen but she still had a car and license and had gotten me one as well. (though I didn't have a car to drive) one time a cop had pulled her over because she was speeding and tried getting on her for being too young. She gave him such a lecture that he was crying by the end of it. She through her duffle bag that she keeps in the car for quick escapes in the trunk. I hopped in the passenger seat and she sped off. "So what was all the yelling about?" "Just the usual. They want my grades to be higher, want me to drop theater and start taking classes in law after school, they want me to get a perm to that my hair is straight because I'd look more professional. They also want me to dye my hair brown and get some blue colored contacts. Apparently green would make me look too wild to be a lawyer." "Your parents still want you to go to law school?" "Yep. a lawyer then a judge. I'm a little worried that they're going to dye my hair in my sleep. Do you think i could stay over at your place for the next few weeks?" "Yeah i'd probably have to try keeping a lion as a pet for my parents to try even asking me not to do something." "Lucky." "Maybe you and I need to switch identities. I think we'd both like the others life better." I said while laughing. It was good to have Lizz remind me every now and then that there were some up points to my life if I looked for them. "It wouldn't work I'm 4'3" you're almost a foot taller than me." I laughed again and Lizzy finial smiled. She always wore five-inch heels so she wouldn't be so short. We got to the old abandoned race track just on the far side of town. No one went near it after all the incidents that happened here. Lizzy had wanted somewhere where she could always drive crazy so I had cleared out the ghosts and we went to cleaning it up. The junkyard was just next door so we salvaged a lot of stuff from it and had turned the announcer's booth into a lounge. We would stay here for a few days sometimes when we had both had a really bad day. I helped her carry her stuff up. "You should put something on your face and get some rest. You said that we'd go hunting tonight remember!" Lizz yelled at me as she headed out to get supplies. I groaned I had forgotten about hunting tonight. We had planned to try and clear out the Walmart over by the library that had been having a lot of incidents recently. Lizz had found out recently on one of our trips that her fire could also get rid of the ghosts so now she was excited to be able to actually help and had been planning a trip every other day almost. I rolled my eyes and walked down to the kitchen. At the moment we had the lounge which is also where we slept, some of the storage rooms connected to it were closets, the kitchen was the renovated food court, and in various garages we had the infirmary, my hunting supplies room. Recently Lizz started collecting trophies and kept them with pictures of all our trips. I was too tired to make an actual meal so I just had a bowl of ramen... three bags of chips, half a cake and I was finishing off the last of the chicken wings. I had really overused my powers this morning. Lizzy still wasn't back yet so I passed out on the sofa. I woke up two hours later at midnight being dragged down the stairs by Lizzy. "So now you finally wake up! Start walking you're really heavy." "why are you dragging me couldn't you just have woken me up if you wanted to go on the trip this badly?!" "Well I figured that I should probably let you get as much sleep as you could so that you could heal. How's that going by the way?" I shook her off and started walking on my own. "Well my ribs still hurt a little but other than that I'm fine." "It always amazes me how quickly you heal." I nodded I could get over just about anything in a few nights as long as I got enough food and rest. We headed down to the car Lizz had already got stuff from the hunting room. Rope, a crowbar, a sledgehammer and a fire extinguisher. "Um do I want to know what half of that is for?" she rolled her eyes at me sighing. "Myra the store is going to be locked up we have to break in." "So you're planning on smashing in a window?!" "What? No don't be ridiculous. I attached a hook to the end of the rope we're going to throw it up on the roof and get in through the air vent. We need to crowbar to pry the grate off. The hammers for if that doesn't work. I figure we can break off the lock on the back door with it." "No breaking anything!... what about the fire extinguisher?" "In case I start a fire. I haven't really had much practice with my abilities." she hopped in and turned off the headlights.

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