From My World to Yours Ch.3

by Riana Rivers

chapter 3 Lizzy

    Myra came into class she had a bruise forming on her jaw and was holding her side. Lizzy winced it had been a rough one. Not long after Myra had saved her all those years ago she had taken up the responsibility of dealing with all the volatile ghosts. She had said that since she was the only one that could see them or even acknowledge that they were there she felt that she had to be the one to deal with them. She had been in the hospital more than once because of this. but she had also learned some pretty cool skills she could use her energy to lock and unlock doors, recharge electronics and blast things around. Still she got pretty beat up. Despite her worry, Lizz couldn't suppress a smile when the teacher just nodded at her seat when she walked in. it was nice to be able to get away with anything you wanted. Myra sat down next to her no one had dared to take both the seats next to her in the event that Myra came to class. "You look like you just got run over by a truck what was it this time?" "There were two of them and they were a lot faster than normal.(sigh) Just when i thought this was getting easy. Did i miss anything?" "...Favio sprayed Samantha with some weird concoction trying to "revert her back to her true reptilian form". It was hilarious. She slapped him so hard he literally spun around. It was like in one of those cartoons!" Myra let out a loud laugh that got her a few nervous glances from the class. "You're making that up." "Nope. just take a look at the red handprint on his face." Myra snickered "But as of actual news the new teacher for our science class arrived today so we have to go to fourth period." "New teacher... that could be annoying. Mr.Hagdorf said that he's from Washington." "So?" "So he might not let me get away with running off all the time right away." "Myra. he also said that he's very young so he's probably not used to dealing with a class of delinquents. He probably won't even notice if you leave and even if he does as long as you keep up your straight A's he shouldn't care." "I love how you always assume that everyone is going to bend to whatever you want." "I don't assume. I just know that they'll cave eventually. Now if you don't mind I have to drop by the theater room they need my help on the set. Take notes for me!" I got up and walked out of the room the teacher looked like he was about to say something but shut his mouth after a look from me. Myra looked like she was about to die laughing.                                                    

            On my way down the hall I bumped into a tall boy with black hair and blue eyes dressed in a suit. "Is there some school event going on that I didn't know about?" he gave me an irritated look "Shouldn't you be in class at the moment? I don't see a hall pass." "Look kid I can be wherever I want it's none of your business. And if you want to have a peaceful school life you'll get out of my way." "it's Professor actually and it is my business if a student at the school I work at is skipping class so why don't you come with me to the principal's office." "I'm sorry you're the new teacher? Oh this is just priceless. I know Mr.Hagdorf said you were young but I was thinking that meant late twenties not a middle schooler." I said trying not to burst out laughing "I'm 17. I wouldn't be in middle school. Now go to the principal's office now." "I'm sorry you must have not figured out how things work here. You see i get to go wherever I please whenever I want as long as my grades are at a 2.5 or higher. Which they are so you can just step to the side now and save yourself a lot of trouble. And seriously ditch the black tux you look like you're going to a funeral." he twitched and grabbed my arm and started dragging me toward the principal's office. "You know what fine I'll go. If only so i get to see the look on your face when nothing happens." He dragged me into the office and walked right up to Mr.Hagdorf desk. "Mr.Hagdorf I found thi-" I cut him off. "He found me skipping class headed toward the theater to work on the backdrops for the play and decided to waste everyone's time dragging me down here. Could you please talk to him I think that your new teacher might be losing it." "That's quite enough miss Dezrow sorry for the trouble I'll talk to him. Why don't you get over to the theater and finish up your project?" I smirked at his dumbfounded expression as I walked out the door. Myra might be right about him being annoying but he'll cave soon or I'd make his life a living hell.

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