From My World to Yours Ch.2

by Riana Rivers

                                                                        Chapter 2 Leven

        Leven walked down the halls trying to find the school's kitchen. One of the teachers was supposed to meet him there to show him around and give him his schedule and list of students. Why they were meeting there he had no idea a lot of the school seemed to be being repaired at the moment. He hadn't been able to get the attendance lady to give him directions. She hadn't believed him when he said that he was the new teacher. Leven was young only 17 and already graduated with multiple masters degrees. But he got the feeling that his age was going to cause a few problems for him here. He stopped he heard a loud banging noise like someone was being thrown into a wall. He ran toward the noise and found Mr.Fitchburg on the floor cowering away from the door of what looked like a supply room where there was a considerable racket coming from inside. He heard a scream and went to open the door but Mr.Fitzburg grabbed him. "Are you nuts?! don't let those things out here!" he exclaimed in a panicked voice." Someone's in there!" "She can handle herself just fine believe me. She's the only one that can deal with this just walk away and pretend you never saw it." i shook him off and tried to pull the door open. It wouldn't budge." where's the key to this?!" " there is no key. That door doesn't lock. Look just- wait are you Mr.Starshade? I was just going to meet you! Come now why don't we get started on the tour?" " WE CAN'T JUST LEAVE SOMEONE TRAPPED IN THERE!" the door swung open and out steps a young girl with black hair and a bunch of neon green, pink and blue highlights. She raised an eyebrow at me and narrowed her grey eyes at me like I was the strange thing here. "Ah! Myra shouldn't you be in class?" asked Mr.Fitzburg now very calm as if nothing had happened at all. The girl rolled her eyes "Of course sir I was just looking for the bathroom." she said sarcastically " Ah of course. Well there should be one just around the corner of E hall. A pleasure to see you again young lady." he said sounding rather sincere and a little... nervous. I just stared at it dumbfounded." what was all that?! Why are you acting like this is perfectly normal? This is a restricted hall! There shouldn't be any students in here! And what about all that noise?!" Fitzburg let out a hearty chuckle. " Mr.Starshade you'll learn soon enough that there are some strange things in this town. We've learned as will you soon enough that it's better to ignore them and pretend nothing happened. Dear Myra is one of the peculiarities of this town so you do not question her on much. It is late to class or absents no one bats an eye because they figure that they don't want to know why she wasn't there. And they're probably right. I know that this seems a little ridiculous to you but we have found that some students we just have to cater to. You'll understand soon enough." " with all due respect sir, I have no intention of catering to anyone. Regardless of them being "peculiar"." "... give fourth period a few days and you'll be singing a different tune. I guarantee it." "What happens in fourth period?" " You'll be having a lot of our "special" students in that class. Including Miss Myra Hellskin."

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