From My World to Yours Ch.1

by Riana Rivers

Myra woke up and looked around the room; sure enough, there was a ghost in the corner that kept sticking its head through the wall and pulling it back out. Probably a newly deceased one, he kinda looked like one of the kids that were in that bus crash on the news the other day. With a sigh, she got up out of bed. It was going to be another one of those days it seemed.

           Myra ran downstairs saying good morning to her grandpa's ghost wondering when he'd move on. She snatched her dad's pop tart from the toaster and her skateboard and headed out to school. Riding her skateboard wasn't much faster than the bus but at least she didn't have to deal with all the other kids this way. She ran up to the school doors dodging a few ghosts here and there almost running into a group of cheerleaders. They jumped back and sort of just stared at her awkwardly and she noticed a little scared. "Myra! I didn't know you got to school so early!" said Samantha nervously. At least she was trying to talk to her. Samantha was tall with long silky blond curls a pretty face and stunning blue eyes. She was the class president, cheer captain, head of the events committee and an A, B student. She was well mannered and tried to be friends with everyone... and even she's afraid of me. I sighed "Not normally so don't worry you should be able to come at your usual time without seeing me." I shouldered past her. She was nice enough, I mean at least she tries to talk to me and not act terrified all the time but I got tired of everyone pretending to be pleasant and faking everything a long time ago.                      

        It wasn't always like this I used to have friends and do theater and art back in elementary. But that was before I started seeing the ghosts. I'd always been able to see them there just hadn't been that many around these parts before we were a small town in the middle of nowhere the only time I'd ever see one was at a funeral and I had never talked to anyone about it. Then grandpa died and stayed around most of the ghosts of all the other people would stay a few weeks maybe; just until their families stopped grieving usually. But grandpa stayed a lot longer so I tried asking him at dinner one night why he hadn't moved on like the others. My parents were more than a little unsettled and took me to a psychiatrist. It had honestly never even occurred to me that everyone else didn't see them until then. Not long after the incident, the town started expanding became more connected some really fancy college moved in. with more people nearby there were a lot more ghosts. I didn't lose too many friends at first. As long as I ignored it I was still the same person to them I was still the teacher's favorite student. Then all the strange deaths started happening. Cars would just flip twenty feet into the air. Knives would fly off the shelves in stores and stab people and of course, everyone would try to find reasonable explanations for it they'd blame pipes bursting under the roads even though the roads were fine. They'd say that someone had thrown the knives and deleted the security footage. I saw the ghosts that would do it and I had sometimes seen what the people had done to anger them but everyone preferred to pretend to believe the news stories. Then one time in the middle school cafeteria I saw one trying to choke one of the kids, a sweet little girl named Lizzy. I freaked out and without thinking grabbed the ghost and threw it off of her. Not only was I able to touch the ghost but when I touched it everyone else could see it. The ghost was not happy about it and I ended up breaking her neck and she just sort of faded out. After the town freaked out everyone just started to pretend it never happened. But they all knew it had and almost everyone thought it was somehow because of me. So then I was always the odd one out no matter what I did. I shook my head trying to shake off the memory then someone hugged me from behind. "Myra! How are you? Did you miss me? I really missed you! Arizona was so boring I didn't even get to see anything really we just stayed with my snobby aunts!" Lizzy exclaimed in her usual overdramatic way. So at least I still had one friend. Lizzy didn't care too much that I was pretty much a freak. And was quite frankly glad to be saved from the ghost of her dad's wife. She was a really cool friend. She had wild red curly hair one green eye and one blue one and was really hyper fiery and dramatic. I laughed out loud and everything seemed to get just a little bit brighter now that she was back. " oh hey Lizz were you gone I hadn't noticed." I said sarcastically. She let me go making a little pouty face "it's good to have you back Lizz. I actually haven't had any living human contact for the past few weeks aside from my dad telling me to stop taking his pop tarts." "I thought your dad was supposed to be on a diet?" " he gets up a good two hours before mom to try and break it." " Ha! So your time apart sucked to then? Great! What do you say we skip the first class or so and go graffiti the town a little! "Pass since the crash yesterday there are a bunch of new ghost roaming around everywhere. Beside we have a history test today and i'd like to keep my straight A's" we walked to class together. We had all the same classes they were originally at different times but after Lizz followed me to all of mine for a month the teachers gave in and let us have the same schedules. Lizz usually got her way eventually.

          Lizzy groaned as we walked to lunch." I hate history class! And math! I can't believe Mrs.Crandle gave us two pop quizzes in one class!" I failed to suppress a laugh " oh, of course, you're fine with this you could pass both of them in your sleep! " I didn't get to respond because I ran into a kid in line. A really tall kid that was on our wrestling team. "Hey, would you watch where your walk-" he started. Then he finished turning around and saw in was me. "Oh! Myra hey! I - uh- sorry I wasn't paying enough attention! It won't happen again! I swear!" he started backing away."Right, a 5"3 girl bumps into you and you run away like she's going to kill you if you look at her wrong." Lizzy said rolling her eyes. She let a little fire flicker around her fingers just to scare him more. He nearly fainted getting out of our way. When Lizz had gotten attacked by the ghost she didn't get away entirely unscathed she got a permanent scar on the hands around her neck and the strange ability to conjure fire. It wasn't much. she could start a campfire easily with it and didn't have much control at all. Not that many people know about her abnormality so they didn't think she was a freak like they did me but everyone was already wary of her because of her personality. Although there was a downside to people not being as afraid of her. When I wasn't there she would get bullied a lot.                    

            We ran down the hall trying to get to class before anyone else. I stopped dead in my tracks when I was a red ghost hovering over Mr.Fitzburg. It had been following him around for a few days but it hadn't been red before. " Hey Lizz you go on and save me a spot there's something I gotta do real quick." "What? Is it another red one?" is seen red ones a few times before they all attacked people. I ran down the hall trying not to draw too much attention to myself. I followed for a while waiting for an empty room I could drag the ghost into to deal with. I could never do this in front of people to get rid of the ghost I had to touch them and when others see them they always freak out. Just as I was about to pull the ghost into a janitor's closet another red one started hovering just in front of Mr.Fitzburg. This was bad I couldn't leave him alone with either of them they'd kill or maim him. The ghosts whizzed about his head they were all blurry and seemed to be constantly vibrating. Most likely poltergeist... they could only harm him be throwing objects around... and he was headed for the kitchen. Screw it better him being a little jittery than dead or in the hospital. I grabbed them both right from in front of him and he shrieked like a little girl.( I really wish a had been recording that with my phone) I threw them into the nearest empty room and shut the door. I pressed my palm into the wall and sent out a wave of energy to encase the room and keep them in. I started circling them slowly and they did the same. I let the energy flow to my hands and gather and they started glowing faintly. Over the years as more dangerous ghosts had appeared and stalked different people I had learned a few easier ways to fight them that were a little easier than hand to hand combat. I found that I could make them disappear if I forced enough energy into them. I'm still not sure exactly how this gets rid of them. They don't fade out the way the first one did. As I fight them they slowly change the color back to the subtle blue, yellow and greens of the normal ones and once they change color they are no longer violent. When I put in enough energy there's a big flash and then they're gone. There was a ghost that I used up too much energy before I expelled him ( what I call making them disappear) and I passed out. When I woke up he was just going around looking at flowers and he disappeared a few days later. I blasted one of them back into the wall and leaped for the other one.

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