The Room With White Walls Pt.1

by Riana Rivers

The girl looked around the room. It was all white, the walls, the lights, even the bed she was laying in. She sat up groggily trying to figure out where she was. She couldn't remember though. She couldn't remember anything. How old was she? Did she have any family? Where was she from? She couldn't even remember her last name. She got out of bed and looked around for something to give her some kind of clue as to what was going on. There wasn't much in the room just her white bed, a white rug, a white table and two white chairs, a white bookshelf with no books and two white doors. She went to one of the doors and opened it. It was a bathroom with all white counters, walls, and floors. There were two fluffy white towels hanging by a nice white shower and a large mirror over the two white sinks. There was a cabinet of sorts with more towels and toiletries. There was a toothbrush and hairbrush on the counter. All of these things were of course white. She looked at herself in the mirror not knowing what to expect... certainly not what she saw. The person staring back at her from the mirror was very tan, muscled and petite. She had silky, straight, black hair that went just past her shoulders and thick dark lashes. Her eyes looked like glowing emeralds. She could have been anywhere between sixteen and thirty. She was dressed in a forest green tank top and dark grey exercise shorts and a small elaborate jeweled gold ankh on a little silvery black book hung on a gold chain around her neck. She backed away from the mirror.This wasn't right, this wasn't her. She couldn't remember what she looked like but it wasn't supposed to be this and she shouldn't be HERE. she ran out of the bathroom to the other door. It wouldn't open. She spun around and kicked it at the handle, making a huge dent there. She threw her shoulder against the door as hard as she could over and over again. She started to feel it give way.

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