Never Said Goodbye.

by Riana Rivers

I hear his voice echoing somewhere around me. I can't make out what he's saying... it doesn't matter. He left me to die without so much as a backward glance.

I wonder what new team member he's tricking into following him blindly now that I'm gone. Maybe I should go back and warn them. Jack isn't what he seems. He's not perfect, he's not your friend. He'll betray you sooner or later... and you'll never know why.

"Rita! Get out off your ass and back to work! You have a new target." I go over to the person that yelled. He looks just like all the rest of these people, same uniform, the same haircut and build. I take the file out of his hands without looking at him and open it. There's a picture of a tall man in a navy uniform, I memorize his face and skip through most of the information. All I need is what he looks like, where he is and where he'll be. "You'll be dropped off six miles from the target by helicopter. Be ready to leave in the next ten minutes." the man starts walking out of the room. "That won't be necessary. Just have the pilot fly me by his plains flight path. You don't mind a few casualties do you?" I ask testing him. Will he pale and back away like the last one? No, they should know better than to send another week one. There is an audibble gulp from him. Weak. "Just... as long as you get your target without harming any of our men that's fine." He walks away with a nervous look. I grab a pen off of the nearbye table and throw it through the doorway hard enough to embed it four inchs into his shoulder. He lets out a scream. Jack flashes in my mind, he was always so nervous when I said things like that even though he knew I didn't mean it. All the commanders they keep sending here have that same nervousness. They're like him.

"Didn't anyone warn you? Did you not wonder why there was a job opening?" a cold anger comes into my voice. He pulls the pen out of his shoulder and goes for his gun, managing to fire off three shots. It takes a few quick steps to the side to dodge them and then one of my hands is on his the other around his neck. His eyes eliminate fear. He is far too weak. Why in the world did they send him? Still holding his hand with the gun I take his knife from his belt and cut the hand with the gun off. He screams again falling to the floor with blood oozing out as soldiers come into the room... It shouldn't have taken this long for them to check since the last scream. This is training for the commander. They knew I'd take my time and they could get him. They surround the room watching, waiting. The commander just screams on the floor bleeding out. There's another whisper of Jacks voice somewhere. I drop his hand in front of him. I need to get to the doctor before I start hallucinating again. "If you are weak again if you show fear again. Then I WILL kill you and no one here will even try to stop me... given that you are a weak sniveling idiot I suggest you say goodbye any family now." I start walking out the door. "It's always the worst when they don't even say goodbye."

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