by Pandorah Raeann


First time posting feedbacks needed

I am awake, I'm always awake. This times different, I can't move. In the dark There is someone in my room I call out and I can't speak. Tears run hot down my face and I'm looking at the ceiling. The intruder is on my bed it weighs down with a soft creak of the mattress it isn't speaking just breathing. My breaths come out short and fast , my guest tells me to be quiet with a hush. He is male. My tears are coming faster and I see the reflection of a knife he begins to cut away what little clothing I sleep In. I feel his breath on my skin. I cant move I can't speak. This isn't happening. It's only a dream. I try to close my eyes and I can't... The knife moves along my skin and I am terrified, I try to speak. Nothing. The knife is sharp. I feel no pulling as it glides. He cuts a line across my torso its not too deep and I feel his fingers pulling at the wound. his fingers enter with a pop. wiggling stretching making room I feel the skin come away from my body. The sound is deafening. I'm going to be sick. I feel his hands sliding between my skin and body his nails catch on whats holding my tissues together, his hands sliding over my ribs like the way you prepare chicken. The pain is unbearable. I feel his weight shift a little, adding more pressure on my chest. Its getting difficult to breath. I feel his knee move my thigh spreading my legs my hip grinds and pops at the new angle after hours stuck in the same position I feel this man has other plans then using my body like a macabre puppet. I fear he's about to do something and the second that thought enters my head his newly acquired erection Enters my body with such force I'm almost able to cry out until his blood soaked hands extract from my body flaying open my chest and close around my throat. Continue.

Work in progress

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