Moody Fragments Part 1 - the Promise

by Matt Triewly

We are walking along the road. Strolling really. We are holding hands and silent. We are not speaking, but we are happy. In love. In lust. Optimistic.

I feel good. But always I need more sleep. That's the job.

It is early evening. Not dark. Not dusk. Pre dusk. If you understand what I mean.

To my left, west, I can see across the river. Distant works. Green fields. Trees. Not people. Too far for that. I cannot see the water of the river. I know it is there though. Flowing. At times quicker. At times slower. Tidal. Changing directions.

For a moment I feel at one with nature. The cosmos.

Suddenly she turns to me and says, "Would you ever be unfaithful to me?"

"No. Never," I reply. "Why would I want to hurt you?"

She squeezes my hand tighter. She feels reassured.

I mean what I say. I will never betray her with another woman. Never.


Of course it never worked out that way. It never did with me.

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