Strange but True

by padmavathisriram

It was the month of November, and "Thanks Giving" was around the corner.

Yelena, Yashika and Michelle were getting ready for the thanksgiving bash. All three of them shared an apartment. Yelena worked as Biology professor in an University, Yashika and Michelle were doing their Masters in computer engineering, and were very good friends, they were very close to one another. Initially it was Yelena and Michelle who lived together and later Yashika joined them. Yelena was too busy and tied up with her lectures, assignments and evaluations. Her spare time was occupied, with research activities, as she was pursuing her research in vertebrate limb regeneration. As Yashika and Michelle were studying in the same course, they stayed connected each other and shared their grief, sorrows and problems.

However over the weekends, and holidays all three would hang out together and have fun. It was thanks giving holidays. On the 27th it was Yashika's birthday too. It was for the first time, she was celebrating birthday away from home, and living with new roommates. It was snowing heaving in New haven (CT), however, Yelena and Michelle planned a reasonably good birthday bash for her.

Yashika was more than happy and was pleasantly surprised, flattered by the affection showered on her!!

Yashika was overjoyed and overwhelmed when they asked her to blow the candles, and cut the cake. As she was overjoyed and ecstatic, she said "Wow!!!! I am so happy; I never got to celebrate my birthday like this!!!!" Thanks to you both!!! for making me fell so special!!! Kisses and hugs to you both!!! This is my most memorable birthday ever". She smiled, laughed and suddenly broke down into tears!!!

Yelena and Michelle were perplexed, puzzled and thoroughly shocked.

They at first thought they were tears of joy, but realized that she was deeply sobbing.

Yelena said to Yashika "Hey is everything alright??" Michelle said to Yashika. "Hey look here, what happened??? Please stop crying??? In any way did we hurt your feelings??? Oh... Please tell us, what's wrong???

Yashika slowly gathered herself and said: "Oh I am extremely sorry..Please don't mind. It's my entire fault. Please don't blame yourself". Yashika wiped her tears and started to speak about her past life, which she kept it as a secret so far with her roommates.

Yashika started "You know very little about me. I was happily married, and have a son, from my marriage. But my marriage, unfortunately did not last long. I was married, to a very insensitive person, who would torture me, accuse me and also suspect me all the time. He was totally insane, in spite of all these I tried, my best keep the marriage going...but it ended in a divorce. He divorced, me and I am left lonely with my 4 years old son..It's because of my beloved, mother, who is taking good care of my child. With her little savings, she sent me here to pursue for higher studies,. With the student assistantship and part-time job, I am trying hard to make things work better."

After listening to all of this, Yelana and Michelle, felt sorry for her and consoled, her.

They applauded her, for being brave and cheered her...

Everything was going fine, with all three roommates, till February. Hell broke loose, for Yashika on 14th February, Valentine's Day. On that day, she came to know, that her ex-husband had got married again. This news upset, her too much, as she was deeply in love with him, even till now, and was not able to digest this news.

When Yelena and Michelle reached home, she was crying incessantly and was truly out of her senses. Micehlle and Yelena after knowing what had happened tried their best to calm her down. Yelena said" hey Yashi, stop being miserable. One day you will also find someone nice who will love you and bring cheer to your life!!!!

Don't worry... everything will fall in place over the time.

Michelle was very much moved, and after seeing Yashika, she too could not control herself, and tears rolled over her cheeks too. With choked voice, Michelle said" I can't see you like this.. He is really a heartless person, who left you..he missed you..

Look at the brighter side of life.. We are there for you.. You have al lovely little son, and you can count on us for any help..Please control your emotions and try to be happy Yashi.. I am with you..."

With all the soothing word s and consoling, Yahsika felt better and started to speak about her past., life.

" Hi.. you both know very little about me. I was happily married, unfortunately my marriage did not last long. Initially everything went by as a fairy tale story. I and my husband were quite happy with each other. Later I slowly started to realize that he was not a sensitive person, and started to behave weird.. he would torture, me , accuse me and above all started to suspect me. His behavior changed within a short span of time...I lost my peace of mind. Everyday life started to become miserable. With no other option, left we headed for divorce.

He left me and my son, in a very helpless situation, with no financial support. If not my mom, who came to my rescue, I would not be able to stand up for myself. With all the savings she had, she encouraged me to start life all over again. With her support and encouragement, I started my school again!!!"If not my mom.. I would not be able to stand up for myself.

After hearing to her story.. Yelena and Michelle, were quite moved and assured her all the help to her.

Yelena said to Yahsika " hey forget , all that happened, and try to live all new life.."

After awhile, Yahsika, felt better and all three of them had dinner together.


Next day morning.. everything changed...

Yelena said to Yashika "How are you this morning????"

Hey I have to tell you this.. I know it is going to be hard on you, but I have to say tell u this.

Yashika was shocked, surprised, not knowing about what was she talking about.

Yashika said "hey..What's the matter???

Yelena said" Yashi... I have decided to move out of this apartment. I have an emergency. You need to look for your own accommodation.. I am sorry... it is too short a period, but can't help , please find a new one or try and adjust at your moms place." The tone in which Yelena said this, she was very firm on her decision and was not ready to budge.

Yashika was so shocked, to hear this and said "hey.. What happened so suddenly.. Till last night everything was going good... and today morning.... What is all this..."

Yelena said "yes.. it is sudden.. But yesterday I forget to inform you guys. I have decided to relocate another place and so we need to vacate this apartment soon. I would suggest you to move out by this evening."

Yelena walked briskly in to the kitchen, without entertaining any further questions.

Yashika was very upset, and shared this news with Michelle. Michelle after listening to Yashika was quite cool and did not react much. But said "oh!!! So when are you moving out???"

Yahsika was totally taken aback by the cold indifferent behavior of Michelle and said "Wo!!!! What kind of friends you guys are????

Last night I felt that I was the most fortunate??? to have friends like you both...but now I have changed my opinion about both of you..."

Michelle "Well... everything changes ... nobody knows, why and how, that what is life about... need to accept and keep moving"

After all this.. Yahsika was extremely hurt but hardly could do anything. She packed her bags and left to her mom's place.

That evening.. Yelena and Michelle came back to the apartment and found that Yashika had left the apartment and felt a sigh of relief.

Now Michelle hugged Yelena and said " OMG.. What a night it was....."

She is such a night mare!!!!"

Yelena "yes certainly she was. She acted so well to be normal!!!!!!any body would definitely fall prey to her innocent looks"

Now Michelle started to recollect all that happened that previous night .That night after the dinner, all three went to bed.

But suddenly Michelle woke up to hear a voice, and somebody talking in the kitchen. She woke up and went to kitchen to see who that was.

She was so shocked, frightened, startled and dumb struck. She sweating profusely and could hardly speak due fear.

Michelle saw Yashika holding a knife in one hand, and staring at the refrigerator started to talk loudly.

When Michelle tried to talk to Yahsika. Yahsika held Michelle wrist tightly and again staring at the fridge said " See... this man .... What is saying.. he is a lair, a cheat.. he says he does not know me..????"

Michelle was totally aghast.. not knowing what to do.. With great effort tried to free herself and snatch the knife from her. With great force, she freed herself, She and ran straight in to Yelena s room.

Michelle spoke to Yelena "Yelena ... Yelena ... in hushed whispers, gasping for breath.. She said" come to the kitchen with me. Yelena was shocked and said" what? What happened why are you so nervous..What happened????"

Michelle could hardly speak a word. Grabbed Yelena's hand and took her to the kitchen

Both of them peeped in to kitchen. To their utter astonishment Yashika was still talking gibberish and holding the knife in her hand.

Yelena slowly gathered courage and went close to Yahsika and said" hey calm down , what is all this???Yahsika did not heed to her. Yashika holding the knife her hand, staring at the refrigerator, started to say " hey look ... he denies that I am his wife???He needs to be taught a lesson... yelling, speaking to herself she went on and on..."

By now, Yelena and Michelle realized she was not a normal person and something was not right with her mentally. Very tactfully both of them took the knife off her hands and sent her back to sleep and waited eagerly for morning to happen.

As soon it was morning, they told her to move. In the morning she behaved as a normal person, as though nothing had actually happened.

After she left the apartment, both of them searched her room.

they had found a doctor's note, which stated that she suffered from a strange mental disorder, and was under medication.

Seeing this Yelena said" Oh.. Michelle see this.. see the prescription...

Oh... what a woman she is??? Innocent looks, Weeping and getting sympathy from everyone, always blaming her ex husband for her misery!!!

Michelle exclaimed "appearances are deceptive!!!!

Yelena " So true... Truth is always stranger than fiction!!!!!!"

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