Revenge Is Sweet - Memory

by Matt Triewly

When I was a kid, about 11 or 12, I used to play with twins from a close near to me. They were fraternal twins and quite distinct in looks and character from each other. One I will call Cocky, the other, Cry Baby. They were a couple of years younger than me - easier to bully. We used to play quite a lot and generally speaking we got on pretty well but... what really used to annoy me was that they used to be very careless with my toys which seemed to get broken once they had been playing with them.

Was it deliberate? Maybe. I had always been taught to respect other people's property, but enough was enough - I was going to get my own back.

One sunny Saturday I strolled down to the bungalow they lived in and knocked on the door. Their friendly Mum opened it said hello and informed me they were playing out the back in the garden. I asked her straightaway if I could use the loo. She said yes and returned out of sight into the kitchen.

I then nipped into Cocky's bedroom and picked up his favourite Airfix model of a Spitfire, which had taken hours of painstaking work to assemble, and held it behind my back.

I went out of the front door and round to the back garden where the twins were playing with a homemade go-cart which they were rolling up and down a grassy slope.

They were pleased to see me - I was their friend.

I watched Cocky haul the cart up the slope, probably about five foot high - the garden was on a gentle hill - and then get on prior to rolling down the incline. It was great fun but I wasn't about to have a go.

Cocky sat on the cart and pushed himself off. I stood at the bottom of the slope. He gained speed and just before he passed me I whipped out the model Spitfire and placed it in the path of the cart.

There was a look of horror on his face as it was too late to avoid. The cart ran over and smashed it into tiny pieces.

It was very gratifying.

"You've broken my Spitfire, you nasty person, you!"

"Actually," I responded coldly and smugly, "it was you that ran it over, should have been more careful. I'm off now. Bye!"

I walked home feeling very satisfied. Revenge is indeed sweet.

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