4 Years Old..

by I.M


Story of an abandoned child

She is helping pack her things,

4 years old.. And the moving begins there.

Mommy dropped her off, she told her

"You're gonna stay here for a few weeks."

She waited and waited,

For a call..

To see her again, but in all reality

Mommy wasn't coming back

Mommy called, said she would be there in the morning

She got so excited, packed an overnight bag..

Went to bed with a smile on her face,

excited for morning to come

She wakes up early, to do her makeup..

Puts on a dress to look pretty for mommy

Then the phone begins to ring.. Its her mommy

Said she could't make it, maybe next weekend..

Little girl, 4 years old..

Heartbroken all the time by mommy,

The years went by, sometimes mommy would be there a lot

And then other times she was gone..

By the time she was 10 she knew what to expect

Mom to call, say she would be there to see us..

She always told herself "don't get your hopes up"

But still, most of the time she would.., and end up hurting

She is a teenager now... Almost 16

She is ME.

And although i know better, i still hope..

But just like always, i'm left with my heart broke

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