Claudia Gets a Really Hard Whack

by Matt Triewly

She is eighteen, nearly nineteen, and I am twenty. I have led her to the top bedroom of my Grandmother's house - the Victorian four bed-room property I live in along with my mother - because it is not necessary for anyone to hear what I am about to do.

Claudia is half Italian but wholly pretty with large dark brown eyes, doll like features and full curly raven hair that cascades to the mid-point of her back.

I had ordered her to strip and now she is totally naked in front of me; and trembling slightly.

Her skin is deeply tanned apart from the intimate areas covered by the bikini. Her tits are large yet firm and the mound of her left breast is home to a rather beguiling mole. She is slim though full figured, her cunt dark and I suspect rather damp.

I make her turn her back to me, bend over and rest the top half of her naked body on the bed. I can sense her anxiety but I don't care if truth be known. And besides this is what she wants. Desires. Craves.

I pick up the wooden table tennis bat lying on the bedside table close by and settle it comfortably into my right hand.

I study her white buttocks contrasting with the bronzed flesh of her back and relish the just discernible quivering of her strong legs.

She turns her pretty head round momentarily and casts me a forlorn look before resignedly turning back and resting her face down on the bed.

I raise the bat high, pause, and then bring it down with full force onto her left buttock.

The loud whack echoes once off the walls of the room.

She straightens up immediately calls me a sod and rubs her bottom. She then clambers submissively onto the mattress, rolls onto her back and assumes a spread eagle position.

I throw off my clothes and feverishly mount her. Her cunt is musky, wet and soft. I thrust strongly and roughly, climaxing within seconds, whilst replaying in my mind the moment of impact...

She cries out but I do not know, nor do I care, whether it is through pain or ecstasy.

I am inspecting her buttock, tenderly probing it - the flesh is red and purpling and the outline where the bat impacted so agonisingly just a few minutes previously is clearly begin to show.

"Am I marked?"

She attempts to twist round and view, unsuccessfully, the results of my handiwork for herself.

"Yes, probably be there for a week to ten days. Perhaps sore for a while too."

"Good, it will remind me of you. Thank you for punishing me so hard. I need it sometimes, need a very hard whack."

"I understand, and perhaps next time I will treat you to a taste of the plimsoll."

She swivels round to face me, still naked, throws her arms around my torso then kisses me passionately.

"I am yours, you know that don't you? Totally yours."

"I know, I know," I respond softly whilst stroking her hair gently...

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