Her Story

by I.M


Story of a young girl learning about her life, putting pieces together

In elementary school.. we had learned about drugs, good touch, bad touch.. All that stuff.

They always told us things like;

"Don't so drugs"

"Don't smoke"

"Don't drink alcohol"

But.. What if we were living with people who did those things?

School is teaching us that this is wrong, but then we go home to our loved ones, showing us otherwise..

Exposed to cigarettes on a daily, not too long after weed came over to play, but all along hidden deep within the walls

Crystal was staying over..all night long. Only a little girl, just trying to find her place in the world.

Hand to her body, throughout the day and night. Too scared of what he would do, she kept it to herself.

Trying to heal her own wounds, having nowhere to go, and no one to turn to.

Threatened by him if she were to tell.. She was so scared..

Not until she was almost a teenager did she learn that Crystal was in her life..

Studied what she was, what she did..

Suddenly, it all made sense; why they did the things they did;

The pain they caused her, and how convinced they had her that they'd never do anything worse then weed or cigarettes..

But she was wrong, and now she's hurt..more than ever before in her life...

Learning that all her life was based off of lies.. And she finally understood all the broken promises..

The one thing she didn't get was why?: Why it had happened to her in her life: Why was she born..into such a messed up life?

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