by I.M

Makeup layered on her face

To cover up her tear stained cheeks.

Looks into the mirror

She doesn't recognize herself

Her eyes began to fill

With tears.

Quickly she fakes a smile

Preventing those tears from falling. Brushes her teeth,

Skips out on eating

Then she leaves

Off to school she goes

Hiding how she feels

Scared of what they might think

What they might do

Or even say..

She whispers to herself

"Fake it til you make it"

Grasping her own hand

Being her own best friend.

She is alone

Inside of this world

Living her double life.

Smiling during the day

Crying by night.

The saddest part of it all


How good she is

Of keeping it hidden.

Doesn't show her weakness to others

Won't cry in public

Makeup covers some

But the rest is hidden

Behind her eyes,

Fake smiles,

And all her pretty lies

Saying that she is "just fine."

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