The Lie About Love

by Southern Cloud

As I was cleaning my dining table, my daughter came near me. It was unusual. Every night after the dinner, she goes for a short walk. This practice had began about 1 year after joining her Yoga class. She told that the walk helped in digestion. Anyway I am an old fella who is lived though the lavish life in youth. Unlike the present youth who is pretty interested in healthy living, we were interested in unhealthy living in youth.

She with curiosity asked me 'papa, what is love?'

She never asked me such things. Even though I am a writer and my stories are filled with love, it was quite a surprising question at that moment.

Keeping the cleaning cloth on the table I turned towards her. She was biting an apple. I silently pulled out a chair and sat on it. Asked her also to be seated. First I felt like asking her the reason behind that question. But then I can guess what it might be.

"sweet heart, understanding love is difficult at times but the easiest if you keep your eyes open. Your inner eyes I mean. Before explaining what is love, I will tell you a lie about love. This is a lie that has been passed from generation to generation. The lie is that ' Love is an emotion'. But this doesn't mean that you can't feel love. You can feel it, but not usual. The absence of a feeling doesn't mean that love is absent. Or present of a strong feeling doesn't always means love is there. It's quite tricky. The only way of constantly be sure about love is a divine path. Remember this my dear little girl remember what this old man gonna say, love blooms in sacrifice. You can always be sure about the presence of our most mysterious character to be present where ever a whole hearted sacrifice is there. By loosing you actually gains."

My daughter was silent. Be both were thinking of only one person who departed from us two years back. Her mother would be smiling from heaven right now.

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