Worst Dayz

by Nickmeraglio


A story about a girl who has a bad day

"I'm late I have to leave bye." I shout at the top of my lungs to my parents as I shut the front door. I head to school. My school was literally two blocks away so it wasn't too far of a walk.

I did however put my headphones into my ears and listen to some music for the walk. "Burn it to the ground" by Nickelback came on. I started lip singing the whole way. Once I got onto school grounds I put my phone away and heard the school bell ringing.

"Shit I'm late." I think to myself as I open the door our principle... "principle Sapfire" greeted me. "Late again are we? I'll s out after school Mrs. jones." He said to me. "Yeah wouldn't miss it for the world." I replied back.

As I walked into class our teacher was writing down her lesson plan on the whiteboard. I looked at the board Fear came a cross me as I read in big red letters


Shit I forgot. "Mrs Jones. My teacher turned to me. There was a quick pause and the. She said "would you care to read to the class your essay?" "I Uhh...I'd love to but I Uhh..." "what's wrong Mrs Jones? You didn't write one? This was half your grade! I'm afraid I will have to give you a zero for the assignment." "I did do it I swear I just left it at home...this weekend was rough. I lied.

"Ok bring it tomorrow and I will grade it. But you need to understand it is important to get work done on time if this was your actual job and you did this then you would get fired." The teacher lectured." After the lecture the class laughed at me as I stared down at the desk I was sitting in.

The bell rang and I left the room. Walking the crowded halls of the high school I got to my locker and punched in my code. I got my books for my next class as I left my locker Amanda walked in front of me and hit my books out of my hand on purpose. "Watch were your walking Slut" she said to me.

Amanda was the most popular girl in the school. UGH! I don't see how she is rude and the only reason she has friends is because her family is filthy rich. I bend down and pick my books up.

I look over someone was standing over me. Patrick. He is my boyfriend. "Hey Sarah look what I scored on the radio." He handed me two concert tickets. "No way! Tickets to Red Hot Chilli Peppers? How" the radio station I was listening too asked fans to recite song lyrics to one song of there choosing and I called in and won them." That's awesome! I said. "It's Friday night, I'll pick you up around 5." Yes. I say.

This day got a little better. I walked into my next class. Smithers was sitting on the desk. "Smithers" is our art teacher. "Ok class I'm in the middle of a bad hangover so today do whatever the heck you want as long as it's art related." I looked over at Patrick who was already in the middle of drawing one of his cartoons on paper.

I went through my purse and grabbed out my makeup kit. I looked at myself threw the mirror. Amanda was about to throw something at me. A few seconds went bye and I felt a piece of paper hit me. I looked back at her she was looking in the other direction.

I glared and then grabbed the paper of the ground and un crumpled it. It read "BITCH" I tore it up and walked over to the garbage can and threw it away. I sat back Down. The bell rang.

"Ahh would someone turn that off Now?" Smithers said practically falling off his desk. We got up and left the classroom. It was lunch time now. I waited in line and got a chicken sandwich with a side of French fries and carrots. I grabbed a milk and water bottle.

I walked down the rows of tables looking for a place to sit. Almost everybody ignored me or put bags down next to there empty seats to avoid having me sit by them. I found a seat next to a garbage can. And started to eat.

A few minutes later mashed potatoes hit me in the face. I dropped my tray along with my lunch it hit the floor. Everyone in the cafeteria laughed. I stood up and ran towards the bathroom. As I slammed the door to the cafeteria open I hit the principal in the face. He was mad and sent me to the office.

This was by far one of the worst days of my life. After lunch I was in his office listening to his boring lecture. "He asked why I had mashed potatoes on my face?" Because One of the students thought it would be funny to throw them at me. I havnt gotten a chance to wash it off." The principal said ok.

And told me to go wash it off. I walked into the bathroom and saw Amanda was in the room looking at herself in the mirror. She laughed as she saw me and said "you sure do love making a fool

Of yourself." "Not on purpose and why do you pick on me?" I asked. "I do it because I have too I have to make your life difficult it's my job.

She laughed and exited the bathroom. I cupped my hands and washed my face. The bell rang and it was time for the last class of the day History.

After history was over I reported to The detention room. The principal felt bad for me and told me to go home. I exited the school and went home.

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