"The Winter Butterfly"

by Tess Hollitt

Many moons had passed. The seasons had begun to change. Falling leaves gently touched the misty ground making a stained glass image across the fields. Yellow and burnt oranges, deep purples and rusty browns, an array of earth's bounty of colors and smells abound. The signs of the first frost were evident. That certain crisp clean air that tingles your nose and cools your lungs deep down. Natures own vaporizer. The time had come for summer flowers and plants to hibernate. The geese were flying south towards warmer airs and the winter birds have taken the place of the robins. Oh Mr. Cardinal so merry and red, how you brighten the brown lifeless branches with your suit of ruby . You, like the holly berries are almost fluorescent when the first snow kisses the scenery. The story goes that when the winter clouds fill the nights and the sun goes to sleep, the time has come for the Winter Butterfly to arrive. Only those chosen by Mother Nature herself are allowed to float thru the frosty air. Because the butterfly usually appears among the flowers and bushes on warm sunny afternoons, there is a magical mystical change that Mother Nature herself must produce. As each winter butterfly is chosen, they are graced with a kiss and a coat of ivory . Then they are adorned with their special armor to protect and shield them from harm. They have 24 hours to float around the air with one exception...they must wait for the very first snowflake to fall. Then and only then can they appear. So, when the first snow falls from it's home in the sky, the Winter Butterfly dances the snowflake ballet. If you really look close, maybe you will catch a glimpse of one of the chosen wonders. Which are snowflakes and which are the dreamy creations? Look closely, can you see me?

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