What Is Humility?

by Haibo Sun

There is always someone who is smart around us. In this group full of smart people, most of these people are fake smart. The reason is that they lose one of the most important characteristics of smart: humility. Humility is real knowledge which knows the extent of one's ignorance. Humility usually happens in two aspects: one is individual humility, and the other one is societal humility, both kinds of humility can affect the modern world deeply.

We are unique, every one of us is different than others. We might sometimes do some tasks better than other people, and if we are poised and not too boastful about ourselves to others, then our individual humility is evident. Humility is The Golden Rule to treat people well but pretends that the achievement is just ordinary. It can also be seen in the behaviour of those scientists that are more interested in getting on with their work than accepting awards and giving speeches. Humility makes us aware of our personal limitations and the limitations of humanity more broadly. We acknowledge that there is much we do not know, that certainty is impossible and that our understandings of the world are provisional at best. Humility opens us to growth and love.

Humility, could not help but affect a society at every level if it was true of the majority of its members. Having said that, it seems to be too true of humans that power corrupts the most well-meaning among us. True humility demands the laying down of power, or, at least, the setting aside of it for the benefit of those living without even the barest thread of power. Humility in society is the ability to stress the necessity of limiting the pursuit of wealth if that pursuit is damaging the fabric of that society. The environment in which that society grows cannot remain healthy if everyone is focused on their own narrow perspective. Humility is like a sweet child, overlooking all faults, imperfection and insults, going on his or her knee to ask forgiveness when he or she is wrong. Humility for us in society is lack of pride.

Humility is like the velvety snow which hides all the glory and victory of boasting. We all should learn to be humble, then our society would be full of friendship, and people's relationships would be closer. If we all learned to be humble, then the society that we are yearning for would be established. To be humble is not hard at all, even an everyday conversation can show our humility. If we all learn about humility today, we will be building a most beautiful tomorrow.

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