What Is Compassion?

by Haibo Sun


What is compassion? What is like in ourselves and our society? Why do we need to learn compassion?

    Everyone has a red heart, a blood red heart. Our heart has the greatest influence on our behaviour, thinking, all aspects of our characteristics. Compassion dominates our heart the most, it invites us to be better and kinder. When a reflex reaction causes us to feel eager to help a stranger, with no motivation other than a person in need, or maybe in danger of his life, our compassion is in action. The compassion usually exists in two aspects, one is individual compassion, and the other one is society compassion, and both should be cultivated.

    Compassion is empathy, caring, loving, and morality. Compassion is feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, caring for the poor. Compassion is all the little tasks we do for ones you love like picking up toys that a little one leaves in your way, or comforting your sister after an argument, encouraging friends in an endeavour, or just making sure that all your loved ones know how much you care. These are all little petty things we do in normal life that show our individual compassion. For us, compassion is about putting myself I the other person's shoes, trying to feel their pain and anxiety, then considering: How would I be treated if I was the other person. Overall, compassion is The Golden Rule to treat and support people.

    Compassion is an essential aspect of society. I see compassion in the tent city that the church across the street has established. I see compassion in the canned food and goods drive that our school support and watching as the days go by and the boxes of goods overflow. I also see compassion in how my sister treats all the little critters she finds around the house and yard, the way she nurtures the plants and watches over the pets. Our society consists of a myriad of individuals, if all these individuals are compassionate, then our society would be full of positive energy and love. See, to create a society with compassion is not impossible, because all our actions affect the society with compassion. A compassionate society would be one where the people in it care about the others and they aren't only concerned about finding a better position for themselves. They want everyone's life to be better, and they are willing to work hard and spend lots of time and effort making sure that no one has been left out from any of the good aspects of their society.

Compassion is a spring breeze which melts our icy heart. The degree of love can be measured by the degree of giving. The degree of giving can be measured by the degree of compassion. We all prefer a society of compassion, but the minuscule of compassion depends on our individual compassion. Therefore, we should all learn to be compassionate, then our society would be compassionate. To be compassionate is not hard at all, even little petty things we do every day can create a titanic different. As a result, all we can learn about compassion today is for building a most beautiful tomorrow.

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